the people we meet vs our progress

As we explore the ways that our lives are shaped by the theme ‘the people we meet and the books we read’, let’s talk a bit about the sort of people we can expect to come across out there.

And remember, we can grow bigger, progress faster, and contribute more in our communities by the help of the people we have in our circles.

Now, in general, there are three types of people in the eyes of progress:

  1. those who have given up on progress (most of them aren’t reading this, anyway)
  2. those who have partially given up
  3. and those who never give up


those who have given up on progress

These people don’t have goals.

If you ask why, most of them would tell you that they live one day at a time.

But the truth is, they have no idea where their lives are headed to.

Majority of people in this group have excuses as to why they are where they are. They talk about how parents were unfair to them, how the labour market is so struggling at the moment and that’s why they are struggling as well, how the big boss is favouring others, and so forth…

One thing most of them will never admit is that, they are to blame for their mediocrity.

These aren’t the people we should aim to make friends with.

They are simply toxic.

Instead of adding to our success, they take away from it.

They have no goals, no desires, no ambitions, no discipline, no courage, full of bad habits, and the list goes on…

When it comes to our progress, these aren’t the people we want.

So we must stay away – unless we think we can teach them our way of thinking, and that’s thinking about progress.

Some in this group can be ‘sweet on you’. They can even support you on achieving that goal you always wanted to.

But then if you ask them, ‘What do you think of this idea?’ They will tell you, ‘It’s good’. Now ask them why they think it’s good. And you will get nothing.

Thats where you know that they aren’t good enough for you.


then there are those people who have given up partially on progress

These people have a tendency of justifying why where they are is alright.

The fact that they are above the average in the society convinces them that there is no need to set new goals and ‘struggle to achieve them’.

The truth is, they are fearful of failure.

They don’t want to damage their social positions… so the safe way for them is to keep the ‘status quo’ status quo.

And because most of these people are educated, they have the ability to sell you their way of thinking with no drama, whatsoever.

But when it comes to our progress, the people in this group aren’t the ones we want.

They will hardly help us achieve what we want.

If you tell them of your ambitious goals, they have a smart way of telling you why your idea won’t work.

They are very good in helping you to postpone important actions.

But if you want to succeed, putting things off won’t help.

So the only way is to go for the people in the next group.


the people who never give up on progress, no matter what

These are not so common in any society.

It’s said that they are less than 5%.

But they are there.

If you work for someone, probably your boss is in this group.

These people know exactly what they want in life.

They know where they are going.

And no matter what they are determined to get there whether it rains or it shines.

They are full or positive energy.

If you spend your life with them you will realise that they emit the vibes of progress, most of the time.

These are the people we need to support our progress.

These are the people we must connect with once we identify them.


According to a recent study in the US, the very rich people assess and review their relationships all the time.

Some even write down on notebooks what kind of people they have met that day.

The point is, they are aware who is entering their lives and why.

The same study also revealed that there are two types of relationships we all have.

  1. rich relationships
  2. poverty relationships

Rich relationships help us grow, achieve more, contribute more, and live a more fulfilled life.

But the poverty relationships do exactly the opposite – even though they won’t tell you that they are sucking your energy or progress, they are the people to avoid.

I have previously written about this on a blog post avoid toxic relationships.



…the people we meet have a great effect on how we continue to embrace the path of continuous growth.

The people with dreams, goals and places to go are the people we must cooperate with. The reason is, we can add to their progress and they too, will add to our progress, no doubt about that.

Other posts in this theme expands on the creative ways we can benefit from people we meet and the books we read.

All the best as you continue on to your progress.



the vibes of progress
       by jOsh lugEmbe