it’s uplifting to know that we are in control of what is manifested into our lives

We have said that the people we meet, somehow, have a lot to do with where we are in life (and where we’re going).

And we have said that, generally, there are three types of people,

  1. those who have given up on progress
  2. those who have given up partially
  3. and those who will never give up

And we have also said that we can easily play win-win with the people in the third group than any other. But why?

Well, because the people in the third group have goals – that’s, they know exactly where they are going.

These people:

  • speak with enthusiasm
  • they compliment others more than they curse
  • they appreciate others more than they attack
  • at times, they are happy for no particular reason
  • at times, they can go out of their ways to help someone else
  • they also see things in the eyes of the ‘long-term’ benefits
  • that’s why most of them become investors
  • they have mastered this rare habit of continuous learning

But also, there is something special about these people. They know that we, as people, are a result of our thoughts. So they think progress.

They also know that the words we speak create faster if they are emotionalised. So they speak only that which they want.

You and I know that these are the people we want into our lives.

We can’t go hunting for them out there… because in nature’s way, we won’t get what we hunt for but what we are.

One wise man once wrote, ‘Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.’

What this means is, if we want to make friends with people in the third group, people who haven’t given up on progress, all we have to do is become like them.

Yes, learn to do things like they do. Assimilate their habits and more…

Yes, we control all manifestations in our lives.

We create our own reality, always.

And that includes the people we have in our circles.

If they praise more than they complain, if they appreciate more than they attack others, if they are optimistic more than they are pessimistic, if they have goals and know where they’ll be next year…

Then all we have to do to attract them into our lives is to ACT LIKE THEM.

That’s simple.

And it’s even simpler if are growing from within.

So we must learn and study continuously.

And we must grow.

We must do all these because as we grow, everything else around us grow with us. And as we progress, all kinds of progress attach themselves to our progress boats.

We control the manifestation of who is attracted into our lives. But it doesn’t happen from the outside, it happens from within.

So for things to change, we must change.

For things to get better, we must get better.

I wish you all the best as you build up your relationships with others.

On to your manifestation.

And remember, always, you are in control.


the vibes of progress
     by jOsh lugEmbe