let’s be honest, a good book is like a close friend, a wise mentor and an inspiring teacher

I know, this is kind of weird but… my very best friends are books.

And I have very simple reasons for that.

Books are magical, and they are alive – did you know that? But there’s more.

  • They never change their talk.
  • They never stress for my attention.
  • They have taught me almost all that I know.
  • They have saved me away from grief and unnecessary defeat.
  • They have added greater, nobler thoughts into my mind.
  • They have helped me clarify my life purpose by first understanding the greater laws that are in charge of everything.

So yeah, books are my best friends. But here is the little secret.

I have chosen my friends with care. And in turn, they’ve cared for me.

What about you?

Have you got a book that is your best friend?

The book that whenever you need a new, better thought you’d consult it?

A book or books that have taught you what your parents and teachers couldn’t?

Do you have a book friend, a really really close friend? A friend that you take them with you when you travel, a friend that you can never trade for anything?

I bet you have. If personal development is your thing, then somewhere in your life there’s a book that is to you like a teddy bear to a little boy.

And that’s good.

It’s good because just like a teddy bear gives comfort and imagination to a little boy, a book on the other side, a really good book can take your stress away while giving you direction through new, inspiring thoughts. The result is, you get to fasten your progress.

As I have been reading personal development books for well over a decade now, there are three lessons that I think I’ve started to learn.


  1. That books are meant to be read more than once – unless they aren’t good enough.

The books that I thought I didn’t need to read them any more are the books that have taught me greatest thought when I re-read them.

It’s like, when I read them the first time, I wasn’t ready to receive such great instructions or insights.


  1. Really good books are like mentors. And here is why.

You see, great books challenge us, give us new thoughts and encourage us to get better at whatever we are up to.

These books time and again remind us of what’s worth trying and what’s not.

But also these books nourish our thoughts with with good vibes, the vibes of progress. And entertainment too is found from these good friends.


  1. As we grow, they grow with us…

I now know this for sure… that good books do share with us new secrets, or let’s call them recipes for success.

This is how I see it, that any great book we read is actually greater than we are. But since it doesn’t boast so… it allows us to catch up.

So that as we continue to learn and to grow, the more we understand it. Books like The Law of Success, every time I read it I find new ideas, new exciting thoughts I never saw before.

That makes me grow even faster.


But then, how can we make the most of the best books, the best friends?


  1. Well, it’s obvious, isn’t… by rereading them as many times as possible.

And in my view, I must say, non-fiction books make the best friends as they teach and instruct us ready for progress.


  1. Make sure it’s a proper book… not ebook – you can’t hug a best friend online, you’ve to meet them face to face.

I know, technology excuses and all that… but if you really have the best book friend, they will not just be on your book reader or tablet, but on your shelf as well.

For me, I like the smell of books. Especially when they get old-ish in my hands – for flipping them pages hundreds of times.



Revisit your best book friends.

And while with them, don’t rush… read them slowly and think about what new ideas they’ve got to tell you. Take time to listen and you’ll hear a fresh thought to propel your progress even further.

And take it from me, you will never be disappointed.

Remember this also, that if you like to think that you THINK BIG, then B is for books and books are for reading.

the vibes of progress
      by jOsh lugEmbe