if we learn from the best, with time, we grow and become one of them. and that’s a sure way to make the world a better place.

This is such a special day… I can tell simply by the way I feel. And I know I feel epic! Like a new super-car growling with an ability to give its driver a turbo-charged good time.

So, first things first… how’re you today? Feeling lucky? I do! Big time.

This post is as well around the theme ‘the people we meet and the books we read’.

And we already know that there is a close relationship between the people we meet and our overall progress in life.

Yes, we can be ambitious and all.

We can even try the hardest to set some sensible goals.

But somehow, the people we meet have a tendency of regulating all that to a comfortable level.

They don’t kill our ambitions or drawn our goals but somehow, they witch it all to reflect their own progress.

And that’s why, ‘if we associate with the average, we end up being the averages of the average’. And trust me, a dead dog is well remembered than an average person.

But the opposite is as well true.

That, ‘if we associate with the best, with time, we become one of the best’. And that’s a sure way to make the world a better place.

So, let me ask you this.

Do you take time to review your relationships? Because, if the best of them do it… why not you?

Associate with the best and improve yourself. The best have a tendency to help the average grow by introducing them to new comfort zones.

Here are some more reasons as to why it’s important to LEARN FROM THE BEST:

  1. easy to find the best way to use the knowledge & skills we have + the opportunity to develop new ones

There is this Chinese saying that goes something like, ‘An hour with the wise saves you years in books’.

With the best, we get to know what strategies work best or what planning skills are absolutely essential to stand out in the industry we are in.

They are the best for a reason.

  1. creating worthwhile contact

We all know that in the world of business, people buy us or from us only if they ‘know, like and trust’ us.

Interacting with the best is the quickest way to put a strong long-term ‘know, like, trust’ factor into place.

  1. practice some great success habits

The other important benefit there is in associating, learning from, or doing business with the best is the education we get for free.

So many authors have researched and written that what differentiates the best from the average is simply ‘habits’.

From the successful people we learn success habits.

And obviously, from the average people we get average habits – not enough to help us bridge the gap between what is in the future (our goal) and where we are (our current situation).

Now, it’s easy to talk about these benefits of working with the best…

…but then the question is, how can we create such relationships?

I mean, how can we attract the best into our lives?

Well, I’ve come up with four proven ways.


1. networking

The best, the most successful people network on purpose for about 5 hours each month.

So if we want to attract these people into our lives, we have got to network where they network.

The best place to start is within the charities.

The rich and the successful people like to contribute through charities (among many other places), and you’d find most of them as charity trustees.

2. learn to introduce yourself

This is so simple.

And in fact, it’s one of the rich/success habits practised by the best.

If you attend some networking events, look around and you will see people who are busy introducing themselves. Investigate if you can, and this is what you will find – they are all successful.

But if you look around a bit more, you will see people waiting, waiting for others to come to them… Investigate them too, and you will find out that most of them are average.

So learn to introduce yourself.

It adds to your confidence as well – double win.

3. make building rich relationships one of the to-dos

It’s only when we decide at a conscious level that we want more, richer relationships that we can actually commit to it.

As I grew up, I realised that I was losing friends – simply because I chose a different way of thinking, of talking, and of doing the everyday things.

But because I didn’t make building new, richer relationships one of my to-do list, I saw myself drifting to a more lonely life.

If we want to live a successful life, we must do it with other people. And since we just don’t stumble upon these people,  we must make conscious efforts to attract them into our lives by making it one of the priorities.

4. improve yourself

This is where I failed many times.

At one time in my life I was a super magnet. I attracted the best, the successful, with very little effort. And I think they were simply attracted to me more than I attracted them. But then I forgot this one thing.

I forgot that in order to keep these people close to me, I had to improve myself.

So here they were, seemingly interested in me… and instead of me improving my vocabulary to match theirs, instead of me improving my inter-personal skills, what I talked about, setting bigger goals and all… I seemed to want to drag them into my average ways of thinking.

What happened was, they left me as quick as they came. Until I learned to improve myself from within, until I learned to listen more than talk about myself, until I learned how to talk more of success than failure…

Until I learn all that, I repelled them away from me – every time.

Learn to improve yourself.

Because it’s only by learning to improve ourselves that we can improve others, that we can be of benefit to others. And there is no way we can be of benefit to others if we aren’t of any value to them.


These days…

…I’ve an access to all sorts of progressive people simply because I’ve learned how to network, to introduce myself and to continually improve myself.

Whenever we associate with the average, we must not allow their ways of thinking, talking, doing things find a way into our lives.

This doesn’t mean we can’t talk to them. It doesn’t mean we should stop socializing with them, but it only mean that we can be with them without being affected by their average ways.

And to be honest, it’s beneficial from time to time to get close to these people because by doing so, we learn more about ourselves but even more, we get the picture of how far we have really improved ourselves.

But remember, life is a live show, the tape is still rolling… no rehearsal here, so learn from the best to make the most out of your life, faster.