make peace with where you are

In this post, we are going to:

  1. make peace with where we are by
  2. looking at where we are a bit differently
  3. like being grateful about it all instead of complaining and cursing
  4. and as usual, I also point out the practical steps (four of them to be specific) to do just that – make peace with where we are

so are you ready?

Now, let me ask you this, do you have goals and dreams you’d like to accomplish? Are you achieving these goals as you’d like to? And if not…

Does that make you frustrated and stressed with I don’t know what I’m doing wrong’ kind of feeling? Would you like to know how to make an easy transition into the direction that you really want to heard to? Well, stay with me if you do.

If you know me somehow, you’d know that I love personal development. And you’d also know that I like to share any good thought that adds to ones progress.

And as I have travelled along this journey, I’ve come to realise that, we don’t become or get what we want in life but what we are.

That’s quiet a knowledge.

Think about it.

In other words…

…if we want more happiness then we must make happiness part of our life now. So if we have goals and we don’t achieve them, then the simple answer is this: the goals are out of tune with us. They vibrate at a different point from where we are.

Yes, they might be great goals. And yes, maybe they could even change the world – who knows? But if we don’t take steps to grow and reach their level so that we can claim them, then we are going to keep that frustration with us for a bit longer.

To be honest, when I look at my life, I’m so happy and grateful of everything. I cannot trade anything at any price. Let me just tell you why.

Where I am helps me clarify more of what I want and reveal better ways that I can contribute to prosperity. So when I set goals and it takes me more than usual to achieve them, straight away I know that there is an alignment work that I need to do. That’s why I don’t give a rip about where I am.

And I’m so damn proud of it all. But because life is a journey… no matter what I experience now, none of it will last long as I’m always on to the next one. That’s how I talk to my inner self about where I am. There is no frustration about it. There is no feeling like I’m in a race against time or anything (even though as I write this the timer is on).

I make sure that every self-talk about where I am is as a positive and expectant as possible. And you know what? You too can do the same. Because if you do…

  • you are going to change the frequency of where you are from not good enough to a better one each time,
  • and then that better feeling will lift you up, make you lighter, and so easier to move faster.

To do that, remember to follow these four simple steps to making peace with where you are:


1. think about five ways that where you are is better than where you’ve been…

Or ways that where you are is better than where some are. These will give you reasons to be grateful. And gratefulness adds higher vibration to your life.

Talk about these five ways/areas with pride, passion and gratitude. Just do it. In other words, never talk about where you are in blames, complains, or by justifying anything, explaining how injustice is at every turn… Here is why.

This habit will keep you where you are forever.

So if you have goals and you would like to bring to your experience, then the work is all about praising, about complimenting, about helping others, about making others feel important, about being grateful about it all (no matter how it looks or feel).


2. clarify, on the piece of paper (pen and paper thinking method) on where you want to take your life

To do that well, let me share with you this wisdom from Goethe:

‘I respect the man who knows what he wishes. The greater part of all the mischief in the world arises from the fact that men do not sufficiently understand their own aims.’

So, sufficiently understand your aim in life.

Ask yourself, can I tell another person about my aim in just one sentence? If not, then you need to clarify some more.


3. invest on the good feeling experiences

Invest in great music.

Live in a good neighbourhood.

Drive a good car.

Take your kids to good schools.

Talk to people who feel good.

Do you ever talk to your car? I do… Most of the time is all about praising it and thanking it for giving me great growling experiences.

If you have children, act like them. If you have pets talk to them… Do some good youtubing, watch comedy, get that good perfume on you, wear a onesie outside and smile wide…

And remember, there is no need to make it the big hairy deal. Life is meant to be good… so feel good now.


4. repair your relationships in a way that helps you grow and help them feel not only important but also progressing.

Remember, it’s important to help others, and yourself feel important.

But, what if you have bad relationships with people who you interact with where you are – at work, at home or in the community? Good question.

One way that works for me every time is this: interact with them as if nothing has happened.

Speak to them when you can, and speak to them about them… not you. Ask them questions about their favourite things, and genuinely praise them.

For whatever made a gap between you, what about you make a joke out of it… treat it like a comedy material and make sure they get it that you no longer think about it as an issue.

This simple practice has revolutionised my relationships.

Try it, and you won’t be disappointed.

And when you are done with this, invest in rich relationships.


smell success

Look successful.

Dress successful.

Sing solutions not problems.

The major reason that some people aren’t making peace with where they are is because they think that if you really really get to the bottom of it, then you will be able to get a good solution.

But the universe governed by laws doesn’t work like that. Whatever we focus on expands and that’s why I emphasize on what I call ‘smell success’.

To make peace with where we are means emitting the vibes of progress. It means believing that we are success. And here is the thing, success doesn’t complain, it doesn’t blame, it takes responsibility and it’s forever grateful.

Success speaks big, cheerful words. Success thinks well. And success is considerate of others.

Act like you are there already.

Make peace with where you are.

Make it a starting point to moving to the direction of your dreams.

Make it an exciting starting point because as Oliver Wendell Holmes said:

‘The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.’

So move steadily to the next harbour.

Move to the direction of your dreams.

All the best!