only those with goals learn how to keep their heads up

In life, we usually win when we make up our minds. That is, progress is a matter of decision. But how do we decide? How do we make up our minds so as to win?

Well, we win and progress by deciding ‘what’s next’, by setting goals.

  • Goals help us stay focused and use our energy for maximum results.
  • Goals give us the reason to wake up in the morning, the reason to work with others in harmony, the reason to support others because that’s the law of nature.

But even after setting goals, we cannot expect everyone to support and encourage us. After all, the smooth sea doesn’t make a skilled sailor.

Progress isn’t about what others think, or even about the statistics. But progress is what we decide it to be by setting goals and making sure that no matter what, we must work hard and think smart to achieve them.

Sometimes we will fail, fail big… and that’s OK because here is the thing,

‘If we have the real seed of progress within us, a little adversity and temporary defeat will only serve to nurture that seed and cause it to burst forth into maturity’.

So to keep our heads up we must:

1. Decide what our next port is (set a goal).

2. And then we have to act with a firm faith that no matter what, we will make it through any storm.

3. And lastly, we must remember these words from Napoleon Hill,

‘There is no FAILURE. That which looks to be failure is usually nothing but temporary defeat. Make sure that you do not accept it as PERMANENT!’

Stay progressive.