progress starts with a thought, a thought that says ‘progress is the only way…’

As far as the journey of personal development is concerned, there’s a good list of ‘don’t do’s’. Here is a few.

  • Don’t think negative.
  • Don’t complain.
  • Don’t blame others.
  • Don’t waste time.
  • Don’t watch too much TV.

You get the point.

But here is the thing, this is how, to most of us, our inner ‘chatter’ – or self-talk if you like – flows throughout the day. And frankly, that’s a dangerous way to think, or to self-talk.

You see, personal development isn’t about the ‘don’t do kind of list’ but it’s ‘a list of do’s’. Things that as we do them we become more, we grow in value and develop the capabilities to achieve more.

> So instead of telling ourselves, ‘Don’t think negative’, the better version of that would be something like, ‘What’s the positive, happy thought that I can think about right now?’

> Instead of ‘Don’t complain’, how about, ‘What are the good things that have so far come out of this?’

> Instead of ‘Don’t blame others’, what about, ‘How can I thank these people for what is achieved?’

> Instead of ‘Don’t waste time’, we can try… ‘This quiet time is so useful to my progress, it helps me visualize my future success.’

> And instead of ‘Don’t watch too much TV’, do you think this will be helpful instead? ‘What can I watch today that is going to add to my vibes of progress through happy and success thoughts?’

The faster we improve our language the easier it is to improve our lives.

Most of us can achieve and become more, but what keeps us where we are is the language we use – both the language of our thoughts and the one in our spoken words.

Remember, the language of progress attracts progress.

2 thoughts on “progress starts with a thought, a thought that says ‘progress is the only way…’

  1. Hi Josh,
    I really like this post. I am getting better at my inner chat, but you give many good reminders here. The one that struck home with me most: don’t waste time! I say that so many times throughout the day, and I LOVE that you have given me something new and better to say now with: This quiet time is so useful to my progress, it helps me visualize my future success. That is so great. It makes me feel so good saying it and thinking it. A feeling of relief and that I am not doing anything wrong – in fact I am doing something totally right – by taking time to visualize and map out my forward motion to better things. Thank you for such a uplifting post! And have a great day!

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    1. Hilary,

      Thank you so much for #yourthoughts.

      I’m glad that these few words have worked hard enough to add to your thoughts.

      So instead of feeling all that guilty, we can change the way we think, the way we talk to ourselves and as a result take our lives a step further.

      Stay blessed.

      Stay progressive.


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