3 reasons as to why people who add value to things, to people, and to themselves progress faster

It’s true that people who progress faster are people who have learned an important habit: how to add value to things, to other people and to themselves.

Usually, these people…

  • look for ideas to make things, people and themselves worth a lot more
  • visualize themselves not as they are but as they believe they can be

So they ask questions like:

  • What can I do to make myself more valuable today?
  • How can I be of more service to others or contribute to the common good today than I did yesterday?

And that tells us something.

‘Whoever contribute to prosperity prospers. And the amount of prosperity is in exact proportion to the contribution given.’

What you and I receive in the end is a result of what we have given. To receive more, we only have to give more.

So people who progress faster…

1. look at the brighter side

You’ll never hear them complain, blame, or anything. So they appreciate more. And as a result, they live a brighter life.

2. feel and know that after all, they are in control

This is an important aspect of progress. Why?

Well, because when you are in control you always do whatever is necessary to progress. And you automatically look at the brighter side and take opportunities for what they are – opportunities.

3. take 100% responsibility for their lives

This is a big one. Why?

Well, people who feel like they’re not in control, but controlled by something external, usually have every reason to complain, to blame, to justify, to explain…

These people cannot add value to anything, let alone to themselves.

But those who feel that they are in control, they’re confident, self-reliant, happy and always thinking about progress. And yes, they don’t have to explain anything.

They know that if they don’t do it, no one else will.


You are meant to progress.

And you are in control.

So walk like one.

Talk like one.

Act like one.

Remember, the more you add value to things and to other people, you are essentially adding value to yourself.