is it progress o’clock?

If you like to see yourself increase in value, grow in wisdom and understanding, contribute more to prosperity, then you know that pretending that you are fine where you are is like locking up yourself in a room with no windows.

Because soon or later, you will run out of fresh air and eventually run out of life itself.

The path of personal development is the path of adding fresh air to our daily progress, or else we are in trouble.

Here are some important questions to think about.

Have you been locking up yourself in the same room of life for the last year or so?

Are you doing the same thing today as you did five years ago?

Are you getting rewarded for your contribution today as you did five years ago?

Are you all too comfortable where you are that you are scared to move a muscle?

Have they convinced you that there is security in laying around a stagnant pond than it is to go with the river that flows?

Is it time to open up your doors and windows for fresh air?

Is it time to face your fears?

Is it time to act as though failure wasn’t meant for you?

What if you had like, three days to live or something, would you still do what you are about to do? Talk what you usually talk about? Wouldn’t you want to think about what legacy you are leaving behind?

Tell me, are the people around you the reason you don’t want to sail beyond that muddy pond?

Don’t you think it’s time to move on? Time to stand tall and embrace the path of continuous personal improvement (CPI)?

Is it your progress o’clock?

Think about it.