out of the problem solving mode

Have you ever tried to get to the bottom of something challenging? Like a family problem? And that you were determined to get it all solved so that you can move on to the next, better, non-problem experience?

Well, let me tell you my recent experience.

I have had promotion at work. And my colleagues for no particular reason, expect me to solve their problems. Some even come to me to tell me what problems I need to solve.

They have even gone extra miles in trying to justify why it’s important that I solve these problems.

And then there is my family and relatives.

All sorts problems are in their experience right now. And what’s my role? To solve them by first listening to them. But here is the thing.

To stay true to my inner powers, my inner sense of higher understanding, I must do the right thing. But what’s that?

Well, stay away from a problem solving mode. But why?

Because once I tune myself into the habit of solving these problems – whether by listening or trying to understand them, I activate in myself a problem solving mindset. And this is what comes along with this mindset:

  • wanting to take sides
  • attracting into my life more problems to solve
  • trying to look at what’s wrong instead of looking at the brighter side of things

So what’s the solution?

Should I ignore my family when they want me to help?

Should I take no notice of my colleagues simply because they throw a negative mindset at me?

Well, fortunately, I’ve already grown way further than the level at which their problems could really affect me. And so here is what I’ve done.

Assure my colleagues that all will be fine because there is a better side to focus on rather than that of solving the unsolvable.

And in my family and relatives, I’ve put it all clear to them that I don’t solve problems but I inspire those who want to grow, to progress, to contribute more using their creative minds.

So here is the whole point of this post: forget about solving problems… unless they are mathematical problems – you know, finding the value of x or something – forget about trying to get to the bottom of nothingness. There is no value in that lifestyle.

Declare yourself free from narrow mindset of solving problems. Open your understanding to bigger, richer thoughts. And only entertain that which radiates the vibes of progress.

If they want you to solve or listen to their problems, kindly tell them that life is too precious to be spent in such trivial, uninspiring acts.

In other words, stand tall and defend your well-being. Because in the end, if you tune into their problems, it’s your well-being that is going to get a bit… not so well.

4 thoughts on “out of the problem solving mode

  1. I find myself struggling with this too with my friends and family, due to my social work profession then I got that same role in my personal life. One simply has to draw the line. I found this post very useful, not all problems are mine to solve definitely.


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