when it comes to progress… never ask for permission

Q: What’s the most boring habit of them all?

A: That of trying to please others.

Well, let me tell you a bit of a story.

A while ago, I met a gentleman (so that gentle, thought) who could progress and succeed in the company he was (and still is…) working for.

There was an opportunity for a promotion exactly like he has told me previously. So I was happy for him as I knew that finally, his time has come to progress and succeed beyond his current position.

But what did he tell me instead?

Well, he had to talk to his dad and wife about it first.

I asked what do they have to do with his progress… he explained to me that they have nothing to do with his career but since he is very close to his family, he had to sort of ask for their thoughts.

That’s over a year ago… and as I write this, he hasn’t taken any promotion as yet. I think he hasn’t spoken to his family, and weirdly, his career advisers yet.

And that made me think.

If it’s my progress, my success… and I know I can do it, why should I rely on other people’s opinions? Are they in this for me? Or, am I in this for myself?

As I tried to review my life on that experience, I then realised that every time I acted after I consulted those I deemed as wise and full of good B.S, it wasn’t long before I regretted it.

That’s why I made up my mind years ago that I’ll never take other people’s advice when it was my time to take the next step… why should I?

Clearly, the habit of trying to make our important decisions based on what others think is a poor, boring habit of mediocrity.

And did you know that most people we think are important to us won’t even make it to our funeral if it rains? (That’s according to them silly studies. But there is a point in their findings… don’t you think?)

Then how come we convince ourselves that we can only progress if they give us some green lights?


‘No one ever followed his genius until it misled him.’


…when it’s time to progress, to take on the next bull, to jump over the next huddle, all we have to do is belief in ourselves. That’s is to say, it’s all on us… or nothing.

Forget asking for permission.

You are free to do what you please… even if your parents, your spouse, your religion, your company say it won’t work…

Believe me, you can make it work.

Now go for it.

And just do it!