there’s enough pie to go around… but what kind of pie are we talking about?

Ever heard of competition, competition, competition?

Do you think competition is real?

What about the so-called the competitive mind-set? Is it something to really bet on?

We hear them all the time – business owners sweats on competition and sports people analysis with competitive mind-set. But which one is the one to stand by and study closely?

Do we do better in business simply because we are better than our competition?

Do we win in life because we have that competitive mind-set?

Well, according to Wallace D. Wattles, competition or competitive mind-set is an illusion.

It’s when people think there’s no enough jobs.

Or when you hear in the industry report that there is no enough clients to sell to.

Or the big one, that there is no enough money. That if Londoners and New-Yorkers get richer, then the rest of the world will have to go with less.

But according to Wattles in The Science of Getting Rich (the book, that is…), resources are not limited but the only limited thing is the creative human mind.

In other words, instead of thinking about competition or similar thoughts, Wattles insists that those who think creatively never complain about competition.

The competitive mindset says, ‘Blimey, there’s only one pie!’.

But the creative mind says, ‘Hey, I can bake my own pie!’


So how do we make a shift from one end to the other?

From the competitive, scarcity mind-set to creative and abundant mind-set?

  • Well, by first raising our understanding that we all live in an abundant universe.
  • And that, if what we do is in line with the common good, then there’s enough for everyone.
  • By focusing on abundance of pies instead of lack of pies.
  • By forgetting about all the studies that insist on poverty or scarcity mind-set.
  • By telling the story of what we want to see more of it in our lives.
  • By living a life of progress… by learning more.
  • By dwelling on gratitude rather than complain and blame.
  • By ignoring lack to create abundance.
  • By creating the reality we want in our minds by tools like visualisation and vision boards.


There is no such thing as luck, competition or poverty… unless that’s what we focus on.

But in this inflexible universe, abundance is the tune of it all.

To tap into it we need no magic wand or anything like that.

We simply have to align our vibes in tune with the higher vibes. But how do we know we are in tune?

If we feel happy we are in tune.

But if we feel frustrated, then we know we are not.

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