progress is why

My life is changing rapidly. And I must say, I am the one behind it all. That’s, I am the one who is driving 🚘 this change.

But this is not just any change. This change is in the name of progress. It’s about adding value to everything around me. Adding value to things, to people and to myself.

And according to Earl Nightingale, this is the only way to progress. By contributing value. By setting goals that enrich others rather than take away from them.

It’s about thinking about and treating things, people and myself… not as they are, and certainly not as I am, but as they are supposed to be… and as I am supposed or would like to be.

And that’s a good thing, if you think about it.

But there is one more thing I am starting to do.

Something that most people shy away from…. Something that is well recommended in the personal development industry.

That’s ‘challenging my average five… (made up of friends and family 👪) to embrace the vibes of progress’. Now let me explain that a bit.

In his life, Jim Rohn shared so much that has improved lives, transformed families and helped many become more valuable to the general prosperity.

He is known to have shared the idea 💡 that ‘our income, our level of achievement will always be the average of the five people we mostly interact with’.

Think about your spouse if you have one. Think about your work colleagues. Your social group, the sort of friends you most interact with say on Facebook, the business partners, that close family 👪 friend… the lot.

These people determine our success, or rather, our levels of drive to progress.

Remember the saying the birds of a feather flock together? Exactly!

People around us, even though we may want to dismiss it, shape the way we either improve ourselves or stay where we are.

So what is it that I want to do with my immediate five?

Challenge them.

Make sure they have goals they are working on. Make sure when we meet we talk only about progress and not about other people or something like that… something unproductive.

After all, I wish them well. So I might as well challenge them.


Would you consider challenging your ‘average five‘? How would you feel if one of your family or friends challenged you… simply because they want you to progress? How would you take that?

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