the beast within

Blessed is the man 👨 who is getting in control with the beast within him.

And better still, is a woman 👩 whose stubbornness is dying within her.

We are all some kind of beasts, you know. That’s right… beasts!

And it’s in our nature. If you don’t believe me… look for an experience with a mad 👿 woman or a revenge driven man.

That’s why I say, blessed is the one whose beastness is dying from within. But  then how do you tame the beast?

Yes, how do you get your beast in line with the circus 🎪 goodtimes without them chewing your shoes?

Well, as usual it’s about training.

It’s about teaching them the better version of things.

It’s about introducing them to 📚 books.

It’s about introducing them to new thoughts 💭… thoughts, by and from the best.

It’s about showing them that there is potential using their minds than their claws.

That there is more power from within than from without.

That the beast can set human goals and achieve them like a beast.

But there is the good side from this beast.

For it’s this beast within us, this beast that follows us like a shadow that can help us do the impossible 🙅.

It gives us the much needed adrenaline to push beyond our limits.

It helps us stand tall when we have to.

That means we have to be careful as we deal with the beast inside.

When we smile ☺ at them and take it easy… some of them think we are all soft and some kind of domestic shit beings.

But hey, we can tear you in pieces… we are bad, the beast within us is still alive. So please, don’t make us let it loose.

Handle us with care.