priming for progress – 1: what words do you expose yourself to? what words do you use?

Some wise teachers like to say that words don’t teach. And that it’s the experience that does teach.

But while words aren’t able to teach us in the same way experience can… words can, if used properly, start to transform our lives from day one.

In psychology, they have done lots of studies on how words affect us.

In one study, two ✌ groups of people were introduced to a carefully selected words. The first group was introduced to old 👵 age related words (forgetful, grey, lonely, retired, sickly, feeble, tired…) while the other group was introduced to neutral 😑 words. But here is the thing.

The people in both groups had to do the test in a room. And what they were told is simply to read 📖 a page 📄 and then answer the multiple question that followed. All so simple… right?

But what they were not told is, the researchers in the room only observed how these people responded before and after the test in the way they walked. So what were the results?.

Well, the group that was introduced to old 👵 age related words – slow, cranky, dependent, rigid and all… – after the test, they walked way slower compared to the how they walked before the test.

And as you’d expect, the group that was introduced to neutral 😑 words remained neutral as far as their pace was concerned. What does that tell us?

Well, on yet another test… the researchers did almost the same test only that this time, instead of neutral words for the second group, they used positive words such as accomplished, alert, respected, sociable, successful, interesting, generous… and so on.

The results of course, were in the lines of the first test. And so in this occasion, positive words added smiles and a bit of a vibrancy (yes, vibrancy) on to the group that was introduced to positive words.

So, what does this mean?

What does that mean to people like you and I… people who like like to live the life full 🌕 of ‘the vibes of progress’? What do the findings of these studies tell us about the people who… say, those who read newspapers📰 first thing in the morning?

Yes, words don’t teach, but what if the books 📚 we read 📖 are those with sad 😐 true stories?

Think about it, as people, do we progress if  the bad news from the media is all we consume? All we watch? All we know? All that prime our brains in the mornings before we do anything, and in the night 🌃 before we sleep? The news full of words to do with the killings, the crimes, the fights, the struggles, the lack of money 💵, health issues?

If that is our lifestyle… what are we doing to ourselves?

Yes, I know, words don’t teach… but did you know what the words we share in texts messages to our family 👪 and friends do to ourselves?

Have you ever thought 💭 about how the words on your Facebook and Twitter profiles are of more good or bad to yourself more than to anyone else?

Think about that complaining post that a friend of your friend was spreading… about that strange illness that everybody shares as they think it’s good to make themselves aware of… because they’ll stay safe that way.

There are endless situations we can all think of. But here is the thing…

I don’t care what or who you are… your life, your progress, your success, is largely measured by what words you generally use or expose yourself to.

That’s why it’s true that…

The one who talks about health issues has the issues and reads about the issues.

The one who complains has a lot more to complain about… and seems to enjoy reading complains of all sorts.

You see, the words we use and the words we expose ourselves to have a tendency of inviting, of attracting the situations and circumstances attached to them in to out lives.

In short, if you want to prime yourself for progress then the rule is to use and expose yourself to the words that radiates the vibes of progress.

If the people and the environment around us don’t have these vibes then it’s our responsibility to walk away from them. It’s our responsibility to search and attract that which helps us grow, become more and excel.

If there is something, a situation that you don’t like in your life right now… why not review the words you use and the words you expose yourself to?

Remember, life is meant for progress, for growth. That’s, if the words around you don’t say progress or growth then change them. Prime yourself for progress with positive words.

All the best 📈.