priming for progress – 2. if you expect it your language will show

There is nothing that beats an expectation.

That’s to say, in life, we get and settle only for what we expect.

No progress if we don’t expect to progress. No success if it isn’t first created within us.

Whenever I get a chance to know a new person, I always seem to get a chance to ask them whether they expect to progress to bigger and better things.

And usually, those who say they do expect to progress, find ways to progress. And those who aren’t sure, those who are in doubt, those who like to be so realistic about it all… usually do nothing but stay stubbornly where they are.

Of course, that isn’t a mystery… it’s a fact of life. A fact because we live in a balanced universe. In a universe where we don’t get what we wish for, but what we believe that we deserve.

But how do we ingrain into our lives the habit of expecting that which we want instead of simply worrying and believing in ‘anything can happen’ – which usually indicates we don’t expect anything for sure?

Well, first we must change the language we use.

If ever we want to progress… we must speak the language of progress.

We must become fluent in progress.

But how exactly?

‘Think and speak of all the things you have asked for in terms of actual present ownership….

Wallace D. Wattles wrote over a century ago.

He went on to say,

Never speak of it without feeling confident that it will arrive. Claim it as already yours.’


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