priming for progress – 3. those who believe, keep going

Do you believe in progress?

Because if you do, you know that progress adds to our general happiness.

A person who continuously progress is like a river that shares its riches, its life as it flows down to the ocean.

But those who don’t, simply because they don’t want to, simply because they are afraid 😨… are like reservoirs –  they have no life, they are boring, they are gloomy, they stink, they inspire no one and deep down, they have diseases.

Those who are like rivers, do whatever they can to make a step further so as to share the vibes of progress.

If you observe them closely, you’ll see that they do what they do because they believe that they are meant to progress.

To understand that, think about trying to block a river. You might win for a day or two but soon enough the river will find a way to keep flowing, to keep the momentum going.

That’s how people who believes in progress act.

They always find a way to maintain the momentum.

No one can stop them because they know they are meant to flow.

Because there’s life in the flow.

The life that must be shared.

I’m in the flow.

Are you?