we rarely think about it, but whatever goes through our ears finds a chair in our minds

Everyday we tune in to something.

We listen to what’s on TV.

We listen to a good number of marketing messages – ads, if you like.

We listen to the radio, to our favourite music… as we commute.

We listen to that family member telling us about her world.

We listen to that work colleague because we want to impress upon them that we care.

But what are we listening to?

Has it got anything to do with what we are after? Our goal? And, does it add to life?

If we were to measure what we listen in terms of the benefits we receive as we move towards that big goal in front of us… what would our conclusion be?

As I continue to post a few thoughts on how we prime ourselves for progress, I thought I should share something on the subject: what we listen.

Because our subconscious minds never rest, then it’s important to feed it with what we want to see more of.

If we listen to the news and all we hear is about the fights and the killings, and things of that nature… why should we continue to listen to them? Obviously, we don’t want to see more of… so why give a damn about it?

If family, relatives, work colleagues want us to listen to those gossips, complains, blames, struggles and the like… do we really want to see more of…? If not, why bother? Aren’t there other better things to give our attention to? Like all aspects of progress? Like all elements of success? Like the laughter and more?

What we listen 👂lives with us.

What we listen, what we give attention to, finds a chair in our minds and stay there.

If we listen about progress, nothing but progress lives with us.

If we listen about success stories, that’s what we encourage our subconscious minds to focus on and bring more of to our experiences.

What we listen to, we give our attention to. And by the laws of the universe, whatever we give our attention to, expands.

You can see why we should only listen, only give attention to what we want to see more of.

I listen to personal development audio recordings everyday. I have lots of them in car and listen to as I drive.

Don’t get me wrong… sometimes I want to listen to music so as to add some hip-hop vibes into my day.

But even then, I have a selection of music to listen to. Music that help me feel more confident, more achieving, more focused and at times more serene.

While most people cannot control what they listen to, you and I can. It’s in our best interest to control what we listen to, what we give our attention to. And we must do it daily.

2 thoughts on “we rarely think about it, but whatever goes through our ears finds a chair in our minds

  1. whatever goes through our ears finds a chair in our minds – that statement is my blessing I asked for less than 48 hours ago. I am reading Pam Grouts E Squared book. Her e-mail this morning referenced your blog and WOW there it was. I am so particular about what I listen to and this statement reinforces to my why. THANK YOU for being you and sharing what you see and hear and know!


  2. Kathryn, I wish you all the best as you continue to manifest more of what you want.

    And honestly, stay in control on what you listen to… because when they finally find a chair in your mind, they’ll be a blessing.

    Thanks for having time to share #yourthoughts.


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