sometimes, as we progress faster we forget to ask this important question… so let’s ask it now, come with me.

can I start this post with a sotory? I mean, story?

OK. Right. The story goes that, back 🔙 in 1888, a gentleman with the name Ludvig Nobel died. And so because this man was thought to be well-known, newspapers had to write his obituary. But then, Ludvig was not the man the journalists thought he was.

The journalists decided that this man was a chemist, but he wasn’t.

They also decided that he was a super-rich guy. But he wasn’t that, either.

Anyway, they went on to write his obituary… with words like the ‘merchant of death’ simply because they also thought this man was an armaments manufacturer and an inventor of dynamite.

But then, he wasn’t any of that.

So, who was this man 👨?

Well, that leads us to the good part of this story.

Ludvig Nobel was Alfred Nobel’s brother. Alfred Nobel was a chemist, an armaments manufacturer and an inventor of dynamite.

And he was the man the journalist thought was dead. But he wasn’t… he was so alive that he managed to read his own obituary on the newspaper 📰. What a day that was for him. Can you imagine reading your own obituary?

But well, he was mistaken for his brother. And that was only about the death and not the content of the obituary. The content were his. Yes, he was the ‘merchant of death’

That’s how, ultimately, the world🌍 would remember him for…

But he had one advantage.

And that’s, he was still alive.

He had time to change that dark legacy.

And to do that, he established what we now know as Nobel Prizes – awards for those who have contributed the greatest benefit on mankind.

So here is the question I wanted to ask.

‘What would you like to be remembered for?

It’s a very personal question.

And in other words the question says, start with the end in mind. Start with the end because for sure, once this chapter is over, our time here will be remembered. So the question is, how?

Stephen R. Covey did write in his famous book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, that if you are afraid of thinking about dying, then think about it this way.

When you will be 99, if you are blessed to celebrate that number, what would you like people to say about you on that big birthday party?

Does it matter to you?

After all, we are one. We are inter-dependent. What we think we do for ourselves, we actually do for others, and what we do for others, well… you get the point.

What would you like to be remembered for?

A caring father👨?

A loving mother👩?

A friendly neighbour🏦?

An inspiring writer 📝?

Thought leader in your industry🎨?

An inspiring entrepreneur💰?

What is it?

Start your journey now🚜.

Start today🚣.

And as you start, please, remember also that, most people we now remember were, according to literature, ordinary people💃.

So it doesn’t matter if you are ordinary, because Abraham Lincoln was ordinary in all measures.

It doesn’t matter if you feel ordinary, because Gandhi was, Mother Theresa was, Nelson Mandela was, Steve jobs was, Napoleon Hill was, Earl Nightingale was…

As long as you know what you want.

As long as you know that we live in a fair and inflexible universe.

The universe with laws that no man or woman or child has influence over.

The laws that aren’t in shortage.

The laws that doesn’t care whether you are yellow, black, white or even green.

Then go, follow your dreams.

And as you go, would you please enlarge that dream, would you?

We just want to see what you are up to.

Anyway, all the best 📈.