vaccination 💉 education

Do you believe in education?

What sort of education?

The one you receive like vaccination… once and it’s done?

Or the one you take like good nutrition – daily and forever?

Observe this for yourself: people who progress, people who contributes more in life, people who leave a legacy worthy celebrating, embrace the life of continuous education.

They learn from children. They learn from bus drivers, they learn from presidents, from CEOs, from employees, from any one.

They learn because their progress, their excellence depend on continuous learning. They know life is meant for growth.

But what’s on the other side?

Well, those who are where they are, those who have the courage to see themselves as the wisest of the society, those who think deserve more but aren’t ready to give more, take education lightly. They take education like a vaccination. They’d say, ‘I know that already!’, ‘I’ve done that already.’ ‘I know enough…’

But for you my friend, since you are here, reading this… well, what can I say other than urge you to continue to embrace the habit of continuous learning.

It will take you far.

And it will change lives.

Jack Canfield was once being interviewed on the Success magazine by Daren Hardy, and these are his words:

Learn more to earn more.

The more we learn, the more we keep our momentum going.

If we learn more about what can help us progress, the faster we ride on… we progress to the direction we want to lead our lives to.

Forget about vaccination 💉 education. Instead, keep learning on a daily basis. For those who learn more, shall inherit the kingdom (now, don’t ask me what that kingdom is💰).

Just keep learning.

And if you get time ⌚, apply what you learn.

All the best 📈.