apparently, imagination is the key to motivation. now, let’s see if it’s true.

Here is what we know already: lack of motivation doesn’t feel good.

And even though it’s somehow crazy 😜 to think that, people who lack motivation simply aren’t using their imagination… but it’s true.

All the answers they are looking for from the politicians are in fact within themselves.

All the answers they are looking for from employers, are actually within themselves.

But until they learn how to use their imagination, that crippling feeling has no where to go.

Have you ever walked into a shop 🏪 to buy something but for some reason the people in there could do something for you because, apparently, that’s not their job?

A person with imagination knows that it’s his job to make the customers happy :). So they learn all they can about their business. And you know what these people go in the end?They become directors, CEOs, presidents and so forth.

Shame that some of the people who fail to use their imagination are left to serve customers.

So, what happens when we use our imagination?

Well, when we use our imagination,

  • we see the bigger picture
  • we enlarge our goal
  • we grow because we are full of practical ideas
  • we contribute more because we believe it’s our responsibility to
  • we appreciate more because we know people excel when they are appreciated and praised
  • we trust our leaders even when others throw blames at them… we trust and support them because we know soon, we will be in their position and to be honest, we’d like to receive the same
  • we get things done (on time), not to impress but because it’s a motivating factor in ourselves, and to tell the truth, we want to keep it alive
  • we learn more because we know that in the end, that’s how we earn more
  • we radiate positive, inspiring energy wherever we go

But without imagination,

    • people walk with lazy steps
    • they sit with stooped postures
    • they are emotional just because people aren’t supportive to their needs (what they don’t realise is they are ought to be self-reliant…)
    • and also, people who don’t use their imagination radiate negative energy

So it’s not apparently, but it’s true that imagination is the key to motivation.

Early Nightingale used to say that the ability to use our imagination is the ability to use our own gold mines.

Because if you think about it, our minds are like rich gold mines.