if i was a preacher, preaching about progress, then this passage from the bible would be my message

Honestly, I’m not religious and I don’t support any church ⛪ or preacher but, these three instructions from the book of Matthew in the Bible tell me more about progress than anything else.

  1. Ask and it will be given to you
  2. Seek and you will find
  3. Knock and the door 🚪 will be opened to you

Like most people I know, I grew up in church.

Had to have that special pair of trousers 👖 and that stripy shirt 👚 for that church day.

Had to learn how to live up to the image others had of me. Otherwise, church members would say that I needed prayers.

I was supposed to please others first.

I was expected to dress to their standards.

To walk like a lamb (no idea what that means).

To never ask hard questions.

Never to be too ambitious because you know what, money… yes money 💵, makes people evil.

If I learned how to rap like Dr. Dre then I was a backslider.

I was not even expected to say words like ‘shit’… because apparently, I was some kind of holy-shit (no idea either!).

But unfortunately, I said shit quite a bit. And so there was evening 🌃, and there was morning – and I was out.

Out on to the world where I learned how to be myself.

How to walk with swagger.

How to ask both silly and important questions.

Where I learned how to rap and realised that I wasn’t that good anyway.

I learned how to slide up in the name of progress, rather than be called a backslider (don’t know what that is, do you?)

Of course, we all can progress faster if we know how, where and when to look for what we want. And most importantly, why we should always be ‘on to the next one’ because life is about growth.

But first, we have to forget about what others think of us…

And instead work more on how we see ourselves. Remember, nothing happens from the outside, it’s all from within.

<> If we have that desire and courage to ASK, then no doubt we will receive.

<> If we SEEK with pure positive expectation, then for sure we will find.

<> If we KNOCK with confidence, the doors, yes, lots of doors, will be opened for us.

Because here is the experience so far,

‘Everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door 🚪 will be opened’.


What are your experiences, so far, when it comes to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK? 

Feel free to share #yourthoughts.