the true meaning of ‘think twice’ ?

We have all heard the words ‘think twice’. And in my opinion, there is so much wisdom in these two words. But why do we have to think twice?

Because we aren’t sure? Because we want to really convince ourselves how to face it as fear burns underneath? Why do we have to think twice? Does ‘think twice’ means to be cautious about everything?

You and I know that our thoughts create our lives, our experiences. So it’s wise that we think with care. But how do we do that while even Emerson said that ‘to think’ is the most difficult job in the world?

Well, here is my interpretation of this phrase (think twice).

I don’t have to be too cautious with what I’m thinking if all I am thinking is what I want. But then something happens when I know that I’m thinking about what I don’t want in my life. That’s when I have to think twice. But how?

Well, by rethinking the situation, the thought, the way I’d like it to unfold.

If I think, ‘tomorrow will be a tough day’, it will definitely be so.

But what if as soon as I think that thought, I realize that I’ve just made a mistake and so I correct that with, ‘tomorrow will be an exciting day’.

I’ve just thought twice! And, what’s more, I’ve as well changed the creation of a tough day to the creation of an exciting day? Genius!

Well, that’s for me is the true meaning of the phrase, ‘think twice’: an opportunity to create what I want, an opportunity to vibrate the vibes of what I want to happen, and not what I don’t want to happen in my life.

But then there’s a challenge.

To do this correctly, we have to grow, progress to the level that we know for sure that ‘we are the creators of our own realities’.

And so we must stay away from anything that adds thoughts that do not add to what we want to create.

That’s why watching news isn’t the best idea.

That’s why trying to get to the bottom of problems isn’t a wise thing to do.

That’s why priming ourselves with complaints, blames and justifying talks can’t help us.

But if we want to think twice, to create what we want, to keep that positive momentum going, then we MUST add thoughts that are in alignment with, first, the greater laws of this universe, and second, in alignment to what we want.

That’s why reading positive content (books, blogs, articles…) is good for us.

That’s why listening to inspirational audio is the right thing to do as we commute.

That’s why it’s important that we associate with people who believe in progress, people who have achieved what we want to, people who understand that the law of attraction is the boss.

All these help us to think twice much better.

They help us be able to create what we want with easy.

For real, I don’t want to be all cautious because of fear or doubt, but I want to be courageous to create what I want because I can, but most of all, because I’m awake and aware of my responsibilities.

What about you?