priming for progress – 4. the immediate five

What does it mean by immediate five?

Well, according to the late, the inspiring Jim Rohn, everyone of us is the average of the five people we regularly associate with. It’s the average on everything – finance, interests, family 👪 – everything.

In other words, our personal development level can be measured simply by looking closely at the five people we most interact with.

Yes, birds of a feather do flock together.

If I’m a fitness freak, then you’d see lots of them in my life.

If I’m an entrepreneurship eagle then, I’ll have a few more floating with me in the air from time to time.

If I’m a writer, just look around me, you’d see a few more writers with me – with similar results and so forth.

So what’s our job, then?

Well, according to some personal development teachers, we should regulate our relationships, we should challenge our relationships based on our knowledge of personal development.

But if we go back to Jim Rohn again, we get this thought 💭:

We must work on ourselves.


Because when we work on ourselves, than we work on our relationships, than we work on our jobs, than anywhere else, we are guaranteed to receive greater results everywhere else.

He also used to say,

When we grow everything else grow with us.

When we get better, everything else get better with us.

And so if we want better relationships, we only have to make ourselves better.

We only have to vibrate at the same level the new relationships that we want, vibrate.

The same thing applies to our general progress.

If we want more, we simply have to become more.

If we look closely at the five people we most interact with, we will be able to see where opportunities are for us to become more, and therefore to progress to the next level.

Because at the end of the day, life is about progress.