3 best definitions of success worth memorising

Are you having a tremendous day?

Well, I am. And I feel so good for being able to prepare this short post (lying) for you. I hope you like it. If not, I will write another one.


You know the truth is, unless we’ve totally given up on life, there is always something we want to achieve. There is always ‘the next exciting thing’, ‘the next better level’… yes, the next something.

And for some reason, that’s what we call success. Or at least, what we associate with success.

That next big thing. That thing we don’t have as yet. So we want it.

But with this frame of mind, we seem not to get satisfied. We don’t get satisfied because as soon 🔜 as we achieve that next thing, as soon as we have it in our pockets, we stand on top 🔝 of that hill and look out… yonder. Then, with fists on our waist we say to ourselves… ‘for sure there is the next big thing out there‘. But then, where? Which way?

So as move from one hilltop of success to another like hunters, a question ❓ pops up… What is success?

Why is it that some of us settle for the first or just the second hill, while others keep going until we can’t even see them from the horizon?

Is this trekking after what we call success something a bit like an illusion? Does that mean life is an illusion as well?

But hey, even if it is… what’s the meaning of success?

Of course, I agree👍 that we all have different definitions of success. And even if we can’t write 📝 them down ⬇, I’m sure we can all come up with something, if prompted to.

But then, even if they are all different, what are the common features? Do they have common features, anyway?

Well, I think it doesn’t matter.

Yes, it doesn’t matter what your definition of success is.

It doesn’t even matter what mine is, as long as we live up that definition, that next big thing.

So let’s forget about what success means for a moment. Let’s pretend as though we don’t care much about success. So let’s sit and listen.

Listen because I have three definitions by the people the world respects, three definitions that I thought 💭 I should share with you.

So are you ready?

↪ Right, let’s do this.

The FIRST one is from Earl Nightingale.

It says:

‘Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal or ideal.’

In other words, as long as we are moving in the direction of our own choosing, then we are successful.

As long as we PROGRESS then we are succeeding.

Let’s look at the SECOND one which is from Jim Rohn.

Jim’s definition of success is so attractive, especially to those who like the law of attraction.

So here it’s:

‘Success is something you attract by the person you become.

Isn’t that awesome?

Just take your time to think about it. And as you do that, I’m going to throw the THIRD and last definition of success.

This one is from Richard Branson.

He writes in his book Business Stripped Bare,

‘Success for me is whether you have created  something that you can be really proud of….

‘Nobody should be remembered, his definition continues, ‘for how much money  they have made in life. Whether you die with a billion dollars in your bank account or $20 under your pillow is actually not that interesting. That’s not what you have achieved in life. What matters is whether you’ve created something special – and whether you’ve made a real difference to other people’s lives….

Successful people aren’t in possession of secrets only known to themselves. Don’t obsess over people who appear to you to be ‘winners’, but listen instead to the wisdom of people who have lead enriching lives – people, for instance, who have found time for friends and family. Be generous in your interpretation of what success looks like.

Well, I wish I could add more, but I know, I don’t have to.

But if you can’t remember all that, then please remember this short and simple summary.

Success is about three things, as we have seen from these three definitions. Success is about:

  1. progress
  2. becoming more
  3. enriching lives

Isn’t that all we need t know about success?

Well friend, have a great day!

And if you’ve a minute or two, please do share #yourthoughts on your meaning of success?

If you don’t have one, just pick any of the above and run with it.