hakuna matata monday ?

Thank goodness is Monday!

I hope your week is on a good start.


If you walked along the streets of the major cities in Tanzania, you’d see a lot of local products well crafted and printed with words ‘hakuna matata’.

And if you are one of the locals, well, this phrase or philosophy isn’t something you get too excited about. You don’t get too excited about because life, in that part of the world, is full of hakuna matata, anyway.

But along the streets of the western world, hakuna matata is linked to Disney’s movie Lion King. If you have watched the movie, I’m sure you l like the part that Timon teaches Simba about the this amazing philosophy.

In case you aren’t sure what part I’m on about, have a look at this… before you read on.

Did you enjoy that?

I love it… and that’s why I thought I should throw this to you as a gift this Monday. Not simply to remind you about the loyal Pumba, or the clever Timon but to see whether there’s a way that you and I could actually apply this ‘motto’ in our own lives.

Pumba says that this phrase means ‘no worries’. And it’s true, if you translate it from Swahili, that’s the closest meaning you’d get in English language.

And to be honest, Pumba is right…

He is right because life is so delicious when we have no worries.

Worries do our bodies no good.

That’s why most people don’t like Mondays.

Some studies even show that most people are stressed more on Monday than any other day of the week. (And for the record, in the western world, most people are happy on Fridays than any other day. I’ve no idea why…)

Well, I’m sharing this post on Monday – you may read it on Tuesday or Thursday, or whenever… but when you read it, please take just this one point with you: hakuna matata.

Yes, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Monday.

All you have to say to yourself is this, ‘hakuna matata’.

If it’s a Monday, turn it in to a Friday with hakuna matata?

If it’s a challenge, whatever colour that is, give it a massive hakuna matata.

If it’s something that other people think you are done, you are in deep shit, smile and tell them, ‘guess what… hakuna matata’.

Hakuna matata because life is so precious not to enjoy.

That’s why they say, life is a beautiful ride.

The ride that we must have great time with no matter what time of the day, what day of the week, – no matter what!

Well, this is jOsh lugEmbe, until next time, next post…

Stay blessed.

Stay true.

Stay hakuna matata.