to be the person we always wanted to be, we first have to create a mental image of that person

As you already know, there’s a line on this blog that says, ‘on to the next one’.

Well, we all have that line somewhere within us.

There is always something else.

I don’t mean that we shouldn’t be content with where we are by expressing gratitude, but what I mean is, well, it’s the law of nature.

Nature is always on to the next one.

No single day is the same as the other.

This summer won’t be the same as last summer.

The nature is forever on to the next one.

But how do we keep the same line active in our own lives?

Well, the line is active all the time.

But what we have done is suppress it with what we think is what we want.

We have decided to work hard, to stress our way to success… and after a while, some of us have even forgotten that we were on to something.

Some of us have buried our dreams because of fear.

Some of us have buried our desires because we have decided to listen to that relative who thinks we aren’t good enough.

But some of us still believe.

Some of us know that we can.

We know that we can re-create ourselves to what we want, that we can re-invent ourselves, that we can finally listen to our inner geniuses that has never let anyone down.

And to do that we insist words such as these from Napoleon Hill :

‘I realize that the dominating thoughts of my mind eventually reproduce themselves in outward, bodily action, and gradually transform themselves into physical reality, therefore I will concentrate my mind for thirty minutes daily upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to be, by creating a mental picture of this person and then transforming that picture into reality through practical service.

We can be anything.

We can proceed to whatever we wish to.

If we create the mental image of what we want to be and dwell on it, then there’s no way that we can’t become what that image is.

It’s your life.

Create that image.

Act as though you are that person already.

Do that and see what happens.

All the best.