the first hour of the day. the last minutes of the day. do you give them away or you invest them instead?

I have read 📖 and heard about so many personal development habits, but none of them is as useful and effective as the one I am about to share.

By the way, I hope you are having a great day! And that you are healthy, eager to learn more, and always attentive to your inner guidance.

Well, back 🔙 to our subject…

There are so many useful habits we can adopt, the habits that can help us grow, become more, contribute more, and most importantly, help us to live a happy life.

But of all of them, there is none like what we do on the first hour of our days, and what we do the last minutes before we fall asleep.

The first hour of our day is usually referred to as the golden hour. That just indicates how precious it is.

What we do in this hour, has a tendency of following us throughout the day.

If the first thing we do is watch TV, read the newspapers 📰, then the thoughts behind all that is what will be running 🏃 our days – even without knowing.

The same is to the last few minutes before we fall asleep. If we go to bed at around ten 🔟, and what we do is watch the 10 O’clock news 📺 then, what kind of dreams should we expect? What kind of thoughts should expect when we wake up?

So what if we want to make sure that we invest these times instead of giving them away?

First, we can use them to visualise our goals.

Or we can read 📖 materials – books 📚, blog posts, articles – that add new and positive thoughts to our lives.

We can also listen 👂 to some inspirational audio clips. There are lots of them on YouTube and elsewhere online.

What I personally do is, read for only half an hour as soon 🔜 as I wake up. Listen to an audio or two… But then before bed I do something completely different.

I obsess my thoughts on some delicious 😋 experiences I have had in the past. Experiences that remind me that there is greater power that takes care of me as long as I’m in alignment.

Life is so precious to give it away.

No matter how busy you are, my friend, I think you can have 30 minutes the first thing in the morning, and at least 15 minutes just before bed.

If we invest these two✌ parts of the day, we will be able to grow, progress faster but with less efforts… simply because we’ll get more creative, less stressed and amazingly grateful for everything.

I hope you make time to align your energy ⚡ the first thing in the morning 🌞, and the last thing before you sleep 🌜.