if ever in doubt, don’t rush. just chill… and have a good time.

In the world where there is no exclusion, the world where we get back in to our lives what we focus on, I think you’d agree with me that it’s wise not to rush at doing things… especially when we are in doubt.

In the human understanding of things, we convince ourselves that it will be better if we rush at doing things. That if we don’t do so, someone else will, and they will take our place. It’s like thinking that the pie we are after has ten pieces. And if we are the 11th, then that’s it for us…

But in this just world, rushing at doing what we want to do is vibrating the competitive mindset. The mindset that says there’s not enough. That the pie isn’t big enough for us all. This world governed by the inflexible laws, has better for us in store… but only if we’d chill and have a good time.

We don’t have to worry a thing, or doubt a wink for what is already out there… Why? Because we can create what we want. Because with a creative mindset, we are always one of the winners… In fact, in the creative world, there are no losers, leave alone the doubters.

So, when in doubt, when things seem to be a bit competitive, then there’s one thing that we can do.

Wallace D. Wattles did write in his famous book The Science of Getting Rich that,

‘When in doubt, focus on gratitude.

This is because, usually, when we are in doubt we only focus on what’s not there, what’s missing, or even not so sure what our next move should be. But by focusing on gratitude, we relax our minds as we take account of the good things we already have, things that already make us feel great – if we let them.

But I know from experience that it’s not easy to focus on gratitude all the time. Especially, when things aren’t so much in our favour. Instead, what I have found to be of great deal of help for me is to chill, to have a good time, to do something that automatically gives me a smile.

I’m talking about activities like going for a walk with my children.

Having a drive on a country lane.

Having a drink or two.

Watching that comedy movie by Gene Wilder and Richard Prior.

By re-reading my work, as some of it still make me wonder if I wrote it or someone else did.

I also play music in my kitchen… then dance with my kids, or simply dance as I cook or do the dishes.

Well, you get the point.

There’s so much to do that give us that relaxing feeling… the non-resistance feeling that we must always aim for.

So when in doubt, when in a bit of a stir from the unknown, when on a rough ride that you clearly don’t want to experience any more, then don’t focus on it… just chill. Or, to use Esther Hicks words,

‘Look for things that feel good when focusing on.
The things that feel easy.
Things that are easy to believe.
Focus on them until there’s no contradictory thought in you.

Well, have a good one, dear friend.