it’s not about the direction you’re coming from, but the direction in which you’re heading to.

I’m sure you have heard it too,

‘it’s not about where you are from but where you are going’.

In other words, it’s not about what you and I have manifested in the past, but what we want to manifest from now on. It’s not about what we are known for, but what we want to be known for. It’s not about what we have, but what we want to have.

It all comes to that basic line of this blog: on to the next one. On to the next one because that’s what life is all about. Because that’s how we prove that we are alive.

So it’s not where we come from.

It’s not what we have been.

It’s not what we already know.

It’s about the next move.

Where we come from, where we have been, what we have achieved, what we have manifested is what people know and remember us for.

But where we are going, what we are after, that next thing, that next goal, only us know where it is… only us feel it, and since that is true, then only us can bring it to life.

The direction in which we are going is important. It’s important because it tells how much progress we want. And remember, our happiness depends upon the level of progress we experience.

While where we’ve been can only show our weaknesses, where we are going pulls us to new strengths – whether we go there or not is another story, but if we dare to, if we listen to the inspiration to go, then for sure we will grow, perform excellent work, and add more value to others.

I like it when people measure me for what I have done in the past.

I like it because that just tells me that they have no idea what I believe to be capable of. No wonder, as soon as I achieve something, they come up with comments like, ‘I didn’t know you could do that…!’, ‘I didn’t think you are that smart!’

How would they know if the drive, the inspiration, is within me?

How could they know while they only look at where I’ve been and not at the direction of which I am going?

People who get somewhere in life do so because they know where they are going, it’s that simple.

There is no good luck in this.

The life of progress isn’t the life of, let me try this path and see.

It’s like a ship captain saying, I’m not sure what the next port would be but I’m just going to set off the sail and see what’s going to happen.

You and I know that this captain won’t be able to reach any useful port.

Life is the same.

We must decide where and what the next port should be.

We might be in the middle of the ocean or something, but that doesn’t matter.

We might have covered millions of miles, and endured all sorts of weather; that doesn’t matter either.

What matters is where we want to head to next.

By knowing where we are heading to, we save time, sail straight to the right, safe port.

By knowing where we are going, we can get there quicker, and then set off to other ports – for that is what progress is about, ‘on to the next one‘.

Are you proud of the direction in which you are heading to?

Would you be able to tell someone about that direction in one sentence?

You should.

If not, then it’s time to decide what that next port is going to be.

Forget about the distance you’ve covered, dwelling on that won’t help much.

For now, your growth, your progress depends upon one thing: the direction you want to go.

Because as long as you have one, well, for you my friend you have the motivation… so keep going.

All the best.


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