stop ✋ looking to others for clues about life. this is your adventure 👣, do with it what you wish.

When I was growing up, I was told that I’m supposed to be an accountant. I agreed 👍. So I studied all the balance sheets and some more sheets. But why did my parents and relatives think that I’d make a good accountant?

Well, not because I was so good with the calculator and sheets, but because a respected relative was a successful accountant. So success as far as my big family 👪 was concerned, had something to do with accounting.

With time though, I realised that me and that relative had nothing in common. I was comfortable doing things that the family norms didn’t approve… sort of a rebel, if you like. Besides, I was a communicator. I was good with words. And even more, I was good with questioning…

Knowing this gave me power and understanding that, I can reach and achieve what accountancy and the sheets can’t. That’s when I decided to take strides with writing. Because in my mind, I just didn’t want to be like that relative, I wanted to be more than. I didn’t even want to make friends with accounting. I wanted to walk my own walk.

Even after some moderate success in writing, they  still wanted me back in to accounting… but the more they did that, the better I got as a writer. I knew I’d prove them wrong (I don’t like this proving thing…) because I had one habit that they didn’t have no time to develop. I was, and still am, a voracious reader of personal development and inspirational/instructional books 📚.

So while they wanted to convince from their experience, I had a broader understanding of what’s possible 🙆.

As I look back in time, because it’s a while now, a lot of thoughts 💭 and questions come to my mind.

How do they feel now that I am an achieving writer? Do they still wish I was an accountant, working at a local bank 🏦 counting other people’s money 💵?

Or do they now see a point? A point that says, ‘it doesn’t matter what others are, you can still be yourself’?

But then, why insist so much on what others should or shouldn’t be?

If we all live our lives, our own adventures, why should we compare with others? Why should we want other people to be like us, to do what we think is right, to convince them to follow what we believe in?

Since I stopped looking to my family and relatives for answers, to friends for inspiration… my life has taken a life of its own. Every single day, I learn more on the value following my own genius.


As we look to ourselves for answers, we find out that, after all, we are more than they told us we are. That the limit we experience, is after all the limit we have set within ourselves.

And we look deeper into ourselves, we find out also that, there is no one out there like us… that we are super special. Sort of special and limited edition at the same time. So why spend all the energy looking for answers from the wrong places?

Yes, we can learn from others.

If they have written a book, a blog, an article, for example, we can read their thoughts (if we want), and we can learn a new way to apply what we already know.

But I don’t think we should make decisions because someone else says we should. I doesn’t make sense to me that an adult would change the course of their lives, forget about their goals, because someone they share bed, blood or boss says so.

There is more power in us than we can find from others.

There is more hope in us than others can give.

The happiness we are after, it’s all in us… no one else can give it to us.

Let’s look within…

Because we are more than we know.

And that’s why I think we should all stop looking to others for clues about life.

This is our adventure, so we’ve got to do with it what we wish. If we choose to take it easy, then that’s fine. If we think we must be hard on ourselves, well that’s fine as well. Because in the end, we are the one to balance the accounts, the sheets. No accountant, a writer, or nobody else can do that for us.

Dear friend, stay true to yourself.

By listening to yourself.