let’s change the world. but first, let’s change ourselves.

Here in the UK, every Sunday we have a BBC TV program called The Big Questions. The program invites all sorts of experts, religious, those with the added PhD thing after their names, those critics from the newspapers, and so forth.

The program is all about asking all sorts of questions that are sure to bring a big debate. Questions like, Does God kill in his name?, Do poor people choose to be poor? You get the point.

Now, over the years I’ve watched this show, not as a person who thinks he has one of the answers, but as a person who likes to observe how and what people tend to think.

What has been happening over the years is that, the more I’ve become aware of the fact that the world is governed by some inflexible laws, the more I manage to be so detached from the topics of this TV show.

This Sunday, the 19th, April, they were asking, do we have free will? As the time went by, every speaker seemed to drift from question to talking about whether we can change the world from all the evils and injustices in it.

To be honest, the show was a bit of a chaos, in that, even those with PhD written after their names, seemed to know very little. But in the end, something great happened.

There was one person who was calm and quiet all along,  the person who seemed to, like me, watch and see without taking any side – or even becoming any emotional about it.

This person was a Buddhist nun.

Within the last minute of the show, the host said to her, ‘you haven’t said much today, but I’m sure you have something to help us wrap-up.

The nun said,

‘I agree that we can change the world. There is no doubt about it. But before we do any of that, we must change our own worlds, we must change from within.’

And that, was the end of the show.

The religious and academic experts, couldn’t say no more.

What she said weighted more than what the whole group discussed for about an hour.

And I think she was right.

Whenever we see things we think we want to change, whenever we see what we think we’d like to improve… if we do it all without first starting to work on ourselves, then we have missed the point.

The change doesn’t happen out there.

Change happen from within each one of us.

Have a great one.