what momentum do you support?

Here is the question that can be answered by almost any person these days – anywhere in the world.

What  football team do you support?

But why?

Well, because the answer to this question gives you a place when it comes to interactions with with your peers.

So what team do I support? Well, I don’t support any. I’ve tried everything about supporting football teams but I think it’s just not for me.

let’s look closely at this football thing

As we look closely at those who support football, we see that there is number of common attributes that we can all agree on.

  • They talk about their support whenever they the chance to.
  • They’ve all the reasons to convince anyone that their teams are the best.
  • They spend money on their teams.
  • They set time to support their teams.
  • They read, listen, watch anything that has something to do with what they support.
  • Often, they seem to be overly obsessed with it all.

It’s madness.

Only that it isn’t.

It’s all about the support.

It’s about what these people are passionate about.

It’s about being loyal.

It’s about love.

If what we support is strong enough, we get obsessed by it.

We talk about it all the time – or so it seems.

We read about it.

We seem to have all the time needed to learn anything about it.

We can forget about our beds.

It’s alright if it takes all night… there is no way we can miss this.

We invest whatever is needed to invest so as to enjoy it… big TV set, get all the right apps, the cable TV subscription, everything.

We can even plan ahead for it… buy seasonal tickets up to a year in advance.

That’s what it takes to support what we like, what we enjoy and what bring us happiness.

But sometimes we do it in ways that do not serve us well.

Like when we are support gossip.

Like when we talk about hatred more than we talk about love.

Like when we moan about things that aren’t right, instead of focusing on what’s right and working.

Like when we join those clubs, those social groups that do not serve the great common good.

When we blame others.

When we use words that don’t serve us well.

When we do any of these, we are supporting a momentum. A momentum that doesn’t do us any good.

If what we support gives us happiness, it will give others happiness as well.

If what we talk about adds on to our lives, it’s a good thing to keep focusing on.

If what we invest our time and money in doesn’t hurt nobody but add life in all measures, then that’s a good momentum to support.

Stay in good momentum.

Stay progressive.