3 important questions to ask yourself every morning before you go for it

Are you ready?

Here are three questions to ask ourselves everyday. But why are they important?

Well, they are important because they challenge…

  • what we do
  • how we do it
  • why we do it
  • and when we do it

If we will be honest to ask these questions every single day, we will be in a position to embrace the attitude of service and giving.

The answers we give to these questions will enhance our mindsets from dependent level (child-like), to either independent (teenager) or inter-dependent (grown-up) – depending on where we are with our personal development.

So here they are:

1. how can I be of more value to others today?

In other words, how can I take initiative today? The initiative that will add value to others?

Will I sit back and say that’s not my job?

Or will I step forward and do something about it?

In what ways can I be of more help to others?

At the end of the day, would they be able to say I’m the kind of person they can count on?

2. would my family be proud of what I’m about to do today?

One of the great ad men is David Ogilvy. And one of his many advices on creating great ads is, only create the type of ads that you’ll be happy for your family to see and know that you created them.

I know that some parents do jobs that their children do not know about.

And I also know that there are those who do jobs that they will never tell their parents about.

Whatever position we are in this question is valid,

Would my family be proud of what I’m about to do today?

Remember, we don’t do what we do simply to impress others, or to make them happy. But what I know is, if what we are doing, or about to do is in line with the greater laws of nature, there is no way we will be embarrassed if our family finds out.

So, may be the accompanying question would be,

Is what I’m about to do in line with the laws of nature – more to all?

3. what kind of world would this world be, if everyone were just like me?

I found this question in the book The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz.

Dr. Schwartz wrote in the book that, maybe we don’t have to look at the big world at first, but instead apply the same question to the company where we work, to our family, and so forth.

So at work we would ask ourselves,

What kind of company would this company be, if everyone were just like me?

And at home we’d ask,

What kind of society would this society be, if every family were just like mine?

You see the point?

Remember, I have the answers to each of these questions. But they only apply to me. So I hope you get time to find your own answers.

Because if you answer them, you are one step further from the crowd. One step further from those who are only dependent… Those who think the government should do it all for them.

Those who think their companies should give them more before they give more.

But because the aim is to step further away and join those in the inter-dependent world, then it’s important that we answer these questions.

All the best.

Stay on the path of continuous personal improvement.


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