choosing the path of continuous personal improvement (cpi)

It takes effort and courage to choose the path of continuous personal improvement.

Most of the time when I observe those who have no drive, no goal, and apparently, those who are happy where they are, I find one simple answer: they have not chosen to improve themselves.

But why?

Because most of us like to tell lies to ourselves. Bad lies, in fact. Lies that do not help us.

We convince ourselves that we are fine where we are, while deep inside we know we’d like some more.

And in the process, we forget that life is about improvement.

That life is meant for growth.

And so the moment we try to rationalise that it’s fine, it’s OK where we are, that’s when we must know that we are in danger.

A tree doesn’t die, until it stops to produce it’s leaves and fruits.

A river doesn’t get useless until we turn it into a reservoir.

So a tree must keep on producing.

And the river must keep on flowing.

Our happiness depend on us choosing the path of continuous personal improvement.

Which means, there’s nothing so delicious than looking forward to the next step, next move, the next thing that we believe it will make our lives better.

Are you making time, everyday, to invest in your personal improvement?

Or, are you drifting along and hoping that may be, the wind of luck will get you to some beautiful port?

We can’t rely on the wind of luck, but we can rely on ourselves in alignment with the higher laws. We can improve our imagination. We can learn more by reading more. We can get better by changing our attitudes.

Those who succeed in life, don’t settle for what’s achieved yesterday. They take a step further.They get themselves ready for more, for better, for excellence.


No man can learn what he has not preparation for learning, however near to his eyes is the object, said Emerson.

So prepare yourself.

Prepare everyday.


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