progress is predictable

Bernard Shaw once said, ‘Don’t try to live forever, for you will not succeed.’ But you know what? That’s exactly how most people run their lives. Let me explain.

I used to be a huge procrastinator. Whatever I was supposed to do today, I’d find a reason to do it tomorrow. So in the end my life piled up – bills, you know, everything – and then my responsibilities increased too.

But then I decided to make some small changes every day. And before long, I was back on track. Bills paid on time. Was on time everywhere else. And that taught me something.

If ever we want more out of life, we can’t plan to plant the seeds of success tomorrow.

No one knows what tomorrow brings, right? But we know what we can bring to life today… that’s for sure. So what am I trying to say?

Well, it doesn’t matter how far we are from our ideal lives, (you know, those dream holidays, those dream super cars, ideal partners and so forth…) we can start to make progressive choices today, not tomorrow.

If we wait till tomorrow, we are only inviting pain from regret because for sure time will pass, and will pass fast. So the only way to start, as they say, it to start. And we can only start to progress now, today.

I know people who waited until tomorrow and when tomorrow came they weren’t ready to do what they thought they’d. They were disappointed.

If you asked them, most of these people would tell you that they’re fine where they are. But you and I know that to pretend that we are fine where we are is admitting that we are bitten, that we have no hope, that we are simply too embarrassed to admit our fears, our insecurities, that prevent us from acting boldly… or simply from being ourselves.

But hey, you know what? It’s never too late! If you want results tomorrow, simply start to act today. And as long as you act, results will follow.