it should be like… i should be doing… but… shit! it doesn’t matter… i’m cool with it

It’s almost a week now since I last posted here on my blog. Did I run out of new ideas? Well, I’d like to but I don’t think there is any chance for that happening any time soon. I’m unstoppable when it comes to ideas. I’ve hundreds of them written down. So what has been the issue then, if there’s one?

Well, I was trying to get ride of some resistance I’ve, for no particular reasons, build up for a while now.

Resistance has been around my blog traffic + around the what happens to my posts in social media. And to be honest, it didn’t feel great.

It didn’t because I checked my traffic statistics at least ten times a day. And then, at the same time, I tried to make sure that I was able to write something of value to my readers/subscribers. So in the process, I felt somehow out of control, somehow in the middle of two conflicting vibrations.

It felt like when I was on Facebook, almost two years ago. I’d be on it as many times as possible, even on late nights. Why? I tried to connect with people… or so I thought. I also tried to find out what was going on with these people (and their friends)… and to be honest, it finally bored me. So I decided to close my Facebook account.

At first, I’d reopen it in just after a few days, but with easy persistence I kept closing it until one time, I was so busy with copywriting that before I knew it, it was almost a year since I checked it last. That helped me get ride of the Facebook obsession.

So when it comes to blogging, I didn’t want the same situation to get hold of me.

I wanted to be and feel free.

It doesn’t matter what happens to my blog, to my posts out there on social media, what matters is that I do what I like and that I enjoy every minute of it.

So even though I’ve written so much for last week alone, I decided to ignore my blog and see what happens. And I’m glad to report that (not that you care…) I’ve got my control back.

The traffic doesn’t keep my fingers busy on my smartphone any more… because it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter what happens to my posts. By the way, they are old stories. Even as you read this, I’m on to the next stuff.

Life is about moving on.

Getting obsessed with traffic is like being obsessed with the sunrise only to find out that after a few hours it sets. Traffic and social media aren’t what makes me a good writer. I’m a good writer because I believe to be one and so I make every inspired effort to make sure that I get better at it.

But because you, my dear reader, you’ve decided to read this post with such a poor title (very poor indeed…), please allow me to ask you this one question.

When you have strong resistance building up on you, what do you do to release it?

And by the way, ever found yourself attached to things that don’t matter?

How do you get rid of them?

How do you make sure that you chill and rush to nothing but your own alignment, your own happiness?

And most of all, how do you say shit without feeling guilty?


I’ve decided to let the traffic obsession thing go… and so far, it’s all success.

I’ve decided to only focus on that which add lightness of heart and that strong feel of freedom into my life… and so far, it’s all working out very well.

I’ve also decided to make sure that I take only the path of least resistance. The path that resonates with my higher purpose, with my values based on continuous personal improvement. And in all that, I’m doing super well.

I’m doing well because there is no any other way to… Especially when I know that there are no accidents in life. And that there are no coincidences in life, either. All is there for a good reason… so why bother?

I don’t want anything to be different so that I can feel great.

I don’t want my love for life to be determined by what I should be doing… It doesn’t matter! I’ve decided to keep enjoying my life no matter what I’m on to.

It doesn’t matter because as long as I live, I will always be on to the next one.

It’s nature’s way, and most of all, the next thing won’t complete me.

The next big thing won’t make me the best I’ve always wanted to be.

It will only take me to the next level.

And as we all know, there will always be the next level.

That’s why it’s so useful to stay at easy. To keep believing that we are, after all the result of our thoughts.

So nothing need to change in order for us to progress, to succeed, or to stay in tune with that attraction rhythm. We are what we have caused ourselves to be. We can be more if we want. We can do anything we want. We can achieve anything we desire. But there is a line we must make it true for ourselves…

Only if we let all forms of resistance our of the door and away from our lives.

What would that do?

It will give us peace of mind.

We will be able to live our days on a higher frequency of our beings.

We will be able to see things, not as they are but as they should.

We will even be all more powerful and successful.

And to add to that, here are a few words from James Allen in his book As A Man Thinketh:

Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. It is the result of long and patient effort in self-control. Its presence is an indication of ripened experience, and of a more than ordinary knowledge of the laws and operations of thought.

A man becomes calm in the measure that he understands himself as a thought-evolved being, for such knowledge necessitates the understanding of others as the result of thought.

As he develops a right understanding, and sees more and more clearly the internal relations of things by the action of cause and effect, he ceases to fuss and fume and worry and grieve, and remains poised, steadfast, serene.

The calm man, having learned how to govern himself, knows how to adapt himself to others; and they, in turn, reverence his spiritual strength, and feel that they can learn of him and rely upon him.

The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Even the ordinary trader will find his business prosperity increase as he develops a greater self-control and equanimity, for people will always prefer to deal with a man whose demeanour is strongly equable.

The strong calm man is always loved and revered. He is like a shade-giving tree in a thirsty land, or a sheltering rock in a storm.

Who does not love a tranquil heart, a sweet-tempered, balanced life? It does not matter whether it rains or shines, or what changes come to those possessing these blessings, for they are always sweet, serene, and calm.

That exquisite poise of character which we call serenity is the last lesson culture; it is the flowering of life, the fruitage of the soul.

It is precious as wisdom, more to be desired than gold – yea, than even fine gold. How insignificant mere money-seeking looks in comparison with a serene life – a life that dwells in the ocean of Truth, beneath the waves, beyond the reach of tempests, in the Eternal Calm!


Have a resistance-free day.

5 thoughts on “it should be like… i should be doing… but… shit! it doesn’t matter… i’m cool with it

    1. April, I really appreciate it if this has meant something for you.

      Another lady just emailed me to tell me the same.

      We are better than we know… but we only get better as we throw away all resistance.

      Stay blessed, April.

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  1. Hi Josh,

    Great post! I totally agree with everything you said and I always like the reminder to “only rush towards nothing but your own alignment and happiness” and not to keep allowing ourselves to be determined by what we do or even should be doing. Great! I have a tendency to do that all the time! Plus, I really liked the James Allen quote and his saying, “we are thought-evolved beings.” I’ve never heard to put that way. I always learn something from you. You always have some interesting point to think on for the day and I am glad you do this, traffic aside! Thank you for your time and efforts to put your thoughts out there for the rest of us to learn from and think about. Have a great day!


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    1. Hi Hilary,

      I like hearing from you.

      Your thoughts, your encouragement is really appreciated.

      Thanks for taking time to read and write.

      Stay on that path of growth.


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