it’s all there to make you happy, to help you progress and to give you a damn good time. the question is, do you see it that way?

Have you noticed how the universe sets everything in your favour?

I mean, look around you?

Have you come to realise that everything around you is there to make you happy?

There to add to your life the vibes of progress? To help you enjoy this life to the most…

  • the beauty you see
  • the nature near where you live (or the one that you’ve an access to…)
  • the people you interact with
  • the new, improved technology that’s there for you right now
  • the new safety measures you might even take for granted
  • the family that’s you belong to – the children, the wife, the husband, the mother, the father…

C’mon, just look around!

All that you see, is there to support your experience.

Men, let me put it in a different way.

You see those super successful people in your town, in your city, in your industry…? They are there to remind you what is possible of you.

I love cars, do you love cars? I love them good cars… But did you know that all the cars you see around, the cars that you like, are there to enhance your experience?

It’s the same to good houses that makes you say ‘wow’…

Everything that comes close to your senses, it’s there just for you.

Have you noticed also, that some people you don’t even know well can go out of their way to give you way on the road, to support your ideas online, to pick up something you dropped without knowing that you dropped it.

dwell on your sweet experiences

Well lately, I have been sort of revisiting my life’s sweetest experiences.

And in each one of them, there were things, people, systems, technologies, that were there, and I don’t know from how they got there, but there were there to make sure that everything goes well with me.

And the funny thing is, where one thing worked in the past in my favour, doesn’t seem to work for me now.

That’s all gives me this weird assurance that, after all, the world rotates around me.

So my dear reader…

And my dear friend, I wish you great experiences ahead.

As you’ll notice what’s around you, remember, whatever it is, it’s there to take you to the next level, to give you more joy, more fulfilment, and most of all, it’s there to give you something to be grateful for.

That means, all you have to do is look at each one of them with a positive frame of mind.

It doesn’t matter what it is… It there to give you a damn good time.

There are no bad experiences.

There are a no awful experiences.

All is there to enrich our lives.

So let’s think about it that way.

Let’s embrace the spirit of progress.

Because in its presence, only joy abides.

And what else keeps us in tune with the universe than radiating peaceful and joyful vibes?

All the best!


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