you’ve nothing to do with the past 📆

Science tells us that people who win in life, tend to win some more.

That’s, what we achieved in the past, determines what can achieve today.

So in that case, our past serves us. And most of the time, it does so unconsciously.

But for me, that’s as far as the past goes. Anything else that has something to do with our past doesn’t have to have anything to do with our present. Let me explain.

In different parts of the world, people tend to hold on to something, some beliefs, some norms, some practices, something…

They’d tell you, this is our culture. It defines us.

Some would add, this is our pride, so we must sell it to the rest of the world. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. As long as it adds happiness to you, then stick with it.

But then there is another group of what we call the past.

This is about that bitter past.

This is about that painful past.

It’s about that mother who didn’t care enough.

About that father who wasn’t there for his children.

About that war.

About that accident, or so we believe.

About that crime that didn’t see the light of justice.

We have nothing to do with this kind of past.

It’s serves no one when we take time to explain to the world 🌍 that where we are is the result of that, apparently, appalling past.

Dwelling on any of these pasts only keeps us in the past.

Dwelling on any of these takes away from us all reasons to be happy 🙂 today.

And that’s why it’s important to act abnormal. To pretend as though that past never existed. To assume that that past was only in some sort of story books.

I have nothing to do with the past.

You have nothing to do with that past.

I know some would argue…

‘Hey jOsh, that’s being irresponsible.

And my response to them would be… ‘

‘When it comes to anything negative I like to be so damn irresponsible.

Because life is so precious to dwell on the past.

And did you know that the past 📆 is merely a trail that leads to where we are?

The past, doesn’t make you better or bad.

The past doesn’t stop ✋ you from doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

The past is actually gone, for good. So why obsess with it?

Besides, it’s only a trail.

Which means you can pave a new trail from where you are.

the big question

So how do we forget about the past and invest our focus in the now?

Well, we first have to work on ourselves. That’s we have to embrace the path of continuous personal improvement.

This is the first step because when we progress, when we grow, everything else grow with us. That’s for sure.

But then there is more.

The moment we start to grow, our language grow with us. That’s, we develop a new language, better vocabulary, and in the end, even our attitudes towards life and our self-esteem shift to a whole new, better level.

You know, here is the thing I’ve come to realise not so long time ago.

While the past, the good past, can help us tune into that sweet vibes of progress, the vibes that springs ♨ happiness, it’s in the direction we are heading to that the whole deliciousness about life is found.

Here is what one teacher like to say,

There’s nothing that feel good as moving towards the new.

That’s what we have to aim for.

That’s what we have to live for.

The new.

The fresh.

The becoming.

No past can give us that special feeling.

That’s why I say, you have nothing to do with the past.

All you have to do is deal with your current point of attraction, your present point of alignment with the greater laws that govern the universe.

I’m up to the becoming, to the new scene that’s unfolding day after day.

The past, simply reminds me that all has been happening in my favour.

How about you?

What do you think?


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  1. Could not agree more! Living in the past is a guaranteed dead end. Those who can release it are setting up their present and future for success.


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