a quick thought 💭 – whatever is of good report…

Life can be busy.

Life can be fast.

And so as we go by, we at times seem to have a thousand thoughts 💭 to think about.

With time ⌚,we feel pressured.

With time, we go backwards… we become more animals than more human beings.

But there is a way out of this busy, fast, pressured, animal-like life.

The way is to slow down.

The way is to mentally walk away from it all.

And that way is to focus on whatever is of good report, on whatever shares the vibes of progress, on whatever is lovely, whatever adds to the common good, whatever adds to our happiness…

No matter what that is, that’s what we MUST focus on, what we must THINK about.

Because as we think, as we focus, so we become.


🔭 the Vibes of Progress brought to you by jOsh lugEmbe↗

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