why our only focus should be on selling the solution instead of selling the problem

Not so long time ago I wrote the post on why it’s important to run away from the problem solving mode.

In that post I wrote lines like,

‘Declare yourself free from the narrow mindset of solving problems. Open your understanding to bigger and richer thoughts. And only entertain that which radiates the vibes of progress.

But then, that post only seemed to help us at a personal level. And so to expand on that, I decided to discuss the same subject but at a business level.

Now, if you know anything about marketing, anything as little as I do, you’d know that marketing uses problems to sell solutions. Let me explain.

In marketing, you talk more about the problem than you talk about the solution. So if you are selling a product or service to a client, then it’s your job to make sure that they are aware of what problem or problems they are facing.

And we know that some of these problems aren’t even real, they are simply perceived and exaggerated problems that, as they say, help convince a potential customer in making a decision to buy.

We see such examples in pharmaceutical products. All of a sudden we have this big problem that we all have to get preventive medication for… And is any of that for free? Oh no, we have to pay for it. We have to support someone’s investment build on false problem… or let’s just call it exaggerated fear.

With practice, even a little, we end up following similar approach (of thinking, what and where is the problem) even when we sell our goods and services that are, in all fairness, there to help add value to other people’s lives.

Instead of building up on value, we spend time and money trying to understand the problems, trying to emphasise on the problems, trying to sell the problem more than is necessary…

And as that becomes our habit, then something else happens.

We find ourselves less creative but more competitive.

We find ourselves using less of our creative minds but more of our competitive minds.

And do you know what are the differences between the two? Well, you can see what Wallace D. Wattles wrote on his book The Science of Getting Rich on this post on creative and competitive mindset.

the attraction based universe

As you and I know that we live in an attraction based universe, the universe where there’s no exclusion. Which means, anything that we focus on expands – positive or negative, you’d agree with me that if we focus on problems we tend to find more problems to deal with than the solution to improve our lives and the lives of others.

In this universe governed by the inflexible laws, the universe that doesn’t know the wrong or the right, the universe that doesn’t care what we call reality or what we call imagined reality… things can get a bit messy if we don’t choose to or even have the courage to live consciously.

To live consciously is a choice we can make everyday.

This is by deciding on what we must give our undivided attention to and why. Why we should think of thoughts that help us grow instead of thoughts that depress us, why we should focus on that which adds happiness instead of that which takes it way.

If we invest our time in solving problems, studying and analysing problems, we only tend to reap the same – problems and more problems. That’s why it’s important that we look at the other side of the coin.

so then, let’s look at the other side of the coin

Let’s look at what it is like to only focus on the solution side of things.

As a good student of deliberate creation, I’ve come to realise that once I change the words I use to communicate my thoughts, I have only done some of the work.

There’s no doubt that my life will improve if only I change the way I talk about things, the way I think about them – the way I choose to talk good instead of complaining, for example. In fact, I have lots and lots of personal examples that have happened in my life just because I have chosen to change the words I use.

These little changes at a conscious level have had a tremendous effect on what I am able to attract into my life. But as I said, it’s only some of the work.

I say some of the work because the big work is in making sure that I walk away from all forms of resistance. The more I’m allowing, the more I feel at easy, the more I use creativity to grow rather than competition… the more the universe supports me.

The more I make decisions that supports happiness, peace, love, the more the universe supports me.

By focusing on selling the solution, by focusing on giving more, by focusing on adding value to things, to people and to myself, the more I live in alignment to the big laws of nature.

By selling the solution, we all get the mindset that focuses on good, on what can be instead of what is, on what is useful instead of what is useless.

And for me, that’s the beauty of selling, not as the marketing professionals would want us to sell, but selling in a manner that gives us the greatest peace of mind… and at the same time, the greatest joy.

I don’t want to believe that there is power and growth in selling problems. But what I know is this: there is power in focusing and selling the solutions – the good news if you like.

Focusing on solutions helps us feel more creative, more intelligent and more focused. Because if you ask me, there are more vibes of success in solution than in problems.

As Wallace wrote in his book the Science of Getting Rich, we don’t become rich by studying poverty. And that,

‘Things are not brought into being by thinking about their opposites.

If we believe we sell solutions to our clients, then our minds should focus more on solutions than on problems.

Even thought the marketing professionals would say sell the problem, I’d emphasise that if we are to stand out, we only have to focus on the bright side.

We are not competing with no one.

And that’s why there is enough for everyone, always.