how do we move away from the person we settled for?

When you know that you have slacked, that you have been lazy, that you have for some reason abandoned that big dream, and that you’re now living the mediocre life… then you know that something MUST to be done. And that it must be done soon. But what is it? What do we have to do soon so as to get ourselves out of the average results to bigger, better, sweeter results? How do we move on to the next level?

Well, that’s what this post is about. It’s about helping us see a point or two that can set us well on the way to achieving our dreams. But before we go to it, I just wanted to remind us of what I shared on the previous post titled the person we settled for.

In that post, I shared some random thoughts behind the whole subject of settling for something less than we’re capable of. I wrote,

‘In most of us, there is a person we’ve settled for. The person who contributes less value to the world. The person who can easily judge others and forget to judge him/herself.

Once we understand that we’ve settled for something less than we believe is our share, then we are already in good place. We are in good place because we are aware of where we are.

To use a satellite navigation example, we know that there’s no way we can know how to get to point B if we don’t know where we are, if we don’t have point A. If sat-nav can’t figure it out our current position then as far as finding the right route for us, it can’t work it out.

So the first step to getting on to the next one is by recognising that we are lost. That we aren’t on the right track.

And instead of simply keep going towards the wrong direction, this is the point where we must stop and take time to think seriously about our progress.

And then what?

Well, we then have to do the following:

1. we have to decide what kind of person we want to be

Most of us settle because we have no idea where we want to go, what we want to become or even what we want to achieve.

So anything that shows up, we grab it and stick with it regardless as to whether it fits us or not.

Now, instead of just following the crowd, doing what everyone else is doing, we must clarify what sort of a person we really want to become.

And the proven secret of becoming that person is to act like we are that person already.

To act like that person now, today and everyday.

And then there’s something else.

2. we have to improve our standards

Once we know who we want to be (or where we want to go…), then the whole focus turns into improving our standards.

The thing is, if we don’t improve ourselves, if we don’t work on ourselves then unconsciously we’re letting ourselves remain where we are. Moving from one form of mediocrity to another.

So the rule is, we must work on ourselves, we must step-up our standards, we must aim for the next level of excellence.

Because in the end, those who strive for something better, those who aim for excellence find the road to it.

But that’s not all.

We have to do something more.

3. we have to add that believe that we deserve more

You see, the moment we keep that personal development momentum going we soon discover that we’ve unleashed so many other benefits that come with it.

Our confidence improves.

Our attitudes gets better.

We release resistance to it all and let ourselves flow with life in great joy and peace – in line with the greater laws of nature.

Our improved attitude and confidence help remind us that after all, we deserve better. But we only deserve better by producing more value.

The truth is, as far as our personal improvement is concerned, settling to anything less than what we deserve is crippling.

That’s why one thing is true in all successful lives – failure isn’t one of the options.

Fear of failure keeps most lives where they are.

Some would even tell you that they are happy where they are.

And they act like they like where they are, like they are OK with it… and soon enough they forget their higher calling, soon enough they forget that they are capable of greater things than the ones they’ve settled for.

So if you don’t want to settle for anything less, ask yourself this simple but powerful question,

‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’

And immediately put your answer to work.