does personal development turn 🔌 you on?

Lately, I’ve been thinking and asking myself… what is the one thing that turns me on?

Seriously… like what’s the one thing that adds meaning to my life?

The thing that adds better thoughts 💭 to my ways.

The thing that improves me, stretches me with love?

What’s it?

To find out, I set off to my lab to get some me time so that I can really, really think and dig deep about it all.

But in just a few minutes, without writing anything down. Without even scratching my head, the answer popped out of my head… and behold, it was good.

the answer?

The only thing that keeps me going, the only thing that radiates more happy vibes than anything else, the thing that adds energy ⚡ to my life is my lifestyle. The lifestyle of choosing personal improvement day after another.

This is the lifestyle that helps me attract my desires.

It’s the lifestyle that has developed in me some sweet and… erm, maybe a bit demanding habits as well. But together, these habits help me unfold like a precious petal. These habits give me an edge as I shuffle 🔀 along.

Self-improvement makes me better father. It pushes me into wanting to be a better husband. It challenges me to make decisions that say,

here is the man who is going places.

But the most delicious 😋 thing about this lifestyle is that, as I get better, everything else around me gets better as well. And as I improve the language of my thoughts 💭, then not only my reality changes but changes for the better.

And because of what personal growth has done to and for me, because of what has happened in my life so far, I don’t know what or where I would’ve been had I not stumbled upon some positive or rather, self-help books 📚 as an first spark towards this path.

For me, learning to embrace the path along the lines of personal development, is the best way to live life.

Because if you think about it, there is nothing so delicious like moving on to the next one. And not just any ‘next one’… but that next better, the next more, the bigger and forever unfolding.

Are you a fan of this continuous personal improvement?

Does it make you spend your money?

Does it give you something to do all night 🌃?

Does it give you more reasons to smile?

Does it give you bolder reasons to say, ‘Yeah, I’m on to something… something that can change the world 🌍 ?

Does personal development turn 🔌 you on?

Please, let me know by sharing #yourthoughts.


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