how to unleash your talent to the heights of your liking…

We all have talents, or at least a talent – regardless we know it or not.

And my not-so-academic definition of a talent is, that ability that we have to do something with easy.

The ability that helps us to do what we’ve got to do without having to sweat that much.

And the reason we don’t have to sweat is, no matter how long it takes, we just love it… and every minute of it is very satisfying.

In other words, our talents represents our paths of least resistance.

And whenever we follow that path, we are unstoppable.

So, what’s your talent?

What are you doing with it today?

Anything of value?

Anything that adds to other people?

You know, our talents, our native abilities, don’t have to be immediately world-class (though if we develop them well enough then they can be…) But we don’t have to be international celebrated athletes before we can tell that we have talents.

We don’t have to write hit songs and push ourselves up the charts. Our talents are there to enable us to contribute value to the world with easy.

You’d agree with me that it’s our talents that make us unique people that we are.

What we contribute through our talents will never be the same as what others have contributed in the past or are contributing today. So there is no overlapping, if you know what I mean. And in that sense, there is no competition either. Because in this just universe, there is only creating.

And that’s what our talents are there for. To help us create more, better… and most of all, with easy.

Understanding and using our talents is the best way to make our mark. It’s the only way I know that we all can add to each other without taking anything away from nobody.

But the big question remains. In fact there are two big questions… but in this post I’m going to answer only the second question. The first question is, how do we discover our talents?

Well, that question has been answered a hundred times by all sorts of professionals. One of them is Sir Ken Robinson who wrote a book titled Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life.

And on top of that, Dan Schawbel has written a whole piece about it on Forbes. So if that’s something you want to dig deeper about, then you now know where to start – if you haven’t.

But my attention, or that of this post, has to stay on the second question. And that is, how do we unleash our talents to the heights of our liking? How do we use our talents to move on to the next one? The better one. Of a greater quality… and so forth?

To answer that, I have three points. Again, these aren’t scientific points, but they are what have worked for me and others I know.

In fact, I’m using them to help my little twin girls unleash their talents.

Kayah, (5) one of the twins, has always insisted that when she grows up, she’d like to become a vet. Partly because she likes animals. But then again, she likes flowers. If you go with her for a walk in the country-side, if you aren’t looking behind you, you’d lose her to some flowery bushes.

She just can’t look at them, she has to touch, smell and get some for everybody when she gets back home.

But as of the beginning of this year, she said she has changed her mind and so she wants to become an artist. She still like flowers. She still like animals. But she want to become an artist.

And hey, do you think artists are messy? Well, Kayah does. I don’t know where she has seen a messy artist but in her mind, if you are an artist, being covered with paint isn’t a big deal. To her, it just shows how you love what you do. Passion is what I’m talking about.

So to support Kayah on her passion, to support her to unleash her talent, I came up with the following three to-do’s.

I said to Kayah,

1. tell everyone who would listen (including yourself) that you are an artist already.

Don’t tell them you’d like to be one one day… but tell them that you are as of now.

When I said that, Kayah was like, really? I can tell all of my friends? Even the teachers? I said, yes. Everybody!

And since then, she amazingly treats herself as an artist. What she wants to dress, is, according to her, what makes her more of an artist.

So if you have a talent or music, by telling people that you are an musician already, creates in you new vibes that will always want to support your music.

When I wanted to be a writer, at first I felt somewhat shy, but after a short while, I managed to tell people that I am a writer. Was I published then? Did I even write anything? Nope.

But I can assure you that, the moment I had courage enough to tell others and myself that I am a writer, I became one almost immediately.

Kayah, I said to her… here is the rule number two.

2. create one art everyday

In other words, sharpen your talent with action.  Put your talent in to some good use every single day

To Kayah, my daughter, this is the best bit. She loves to cut papers and stick them to make a tree house or something, to draw, to do some colouring, to paint… So when I told her that as an artist she has to make at least one art everyday, she was absolutely delighted.

But as an adult, I know… I know that procrastination is a beast. We often don’t do what we are meant to do, even if it benefits our lives.

But here is the thing, if we learn the habit of putting our talents in to some good use on a daily basis, then we have the assurance that we can truly unleash them to the excellence that counts.

I personally know so many people who have amazing talents, but since they do nothing with them… nothing happens and as a result they get stuck in life. As a result they settle for something less than they are capable of.

In fact, so many people die with their talents unused, undeveloped, and most of all, they die without enjoying life the way they should… because if you think about it, well-developed talents help us enjoy life. Won’t you agree?

So once you get into the habit of putting your talent to work everyday, then there is one more thing that would be of benefit to you.

To Kayah I said…

3. ask mama to help you put your art in a folder

In other words, keep record of your progress

Last week I asked Kayah, so, what did I say you must do to make sure hat you are the artists you want to be?

She said, first I have to tell everybody that I am already an artist. And then I’ve to create one art everyday. And lastly, I’ve to ask mummy to help me put my art in a file.

Then I said, ‘that’s correct… good that you still remember’.

But how can she forget about it while this is what she loves best?

Wallace D. Wattles wrote in one of his books that, there is no need to write our goals down… so that we can remember them. Why?

His argument is, if we really, really want what we think we want, so much that we think about it almost all the time, why should we write it down? We are not going to forget it, so why bother writing it?

Back to the point, we have to have a way to see how we are progressing. For Kayah, that means using the folder. For me, that meant starting blogging… that was back in 2009 (the same year Kayah was born).

By keeping the record, we know how far we’ve come in developing our talents. That alone acts as a motivating factor.

so there we are

We all have talents, it doesn’t matter what age we are.

And to be honest, one of the best ways to discover our talents is by exploring new experiences, new skills, new paths… Steve Pavlina calls it taking an inspiration day.

Do you know your talent or talents, already?

How did you discover them?

And what do you do to make sure that they give you the best life experience?