but what are we gonna do about Johnny?

Apparently, Johnny is a fool.

A fool who keeps showing up.

But Johnny knows something about his enemy that his colleagues don’t have a clue.

He knows who is the bad guy.

And the bad guy knows Johnny.

And the bad guy knows Johnny.

But the bad guy thinks Johnny is a fool.

And so his plan is to ‘eliminate him’ next time he shows up in his foolish ways.

But while Johnny looks like a fool, he is determined to get to the bottom of it.

He is determined to protect his people from the bad guy.

He gas a clear goal in his mind.

He knows his target, well.

And, as a fool, he heads to it will with no apologies.

Johnny, this Johnny English meets all sorts of oppositions.

At some point, even his own boss distrusts him.

He thinks Johnny is crazy 😜.

He thinks Johnny has a wrong target of the wrong guy.

And that’s not good enough

So he gets rid of him.

But Johnny, as a fool who keeps showing up, as a fool with determination, with a clear goal in his mind, in the end proves himself to be trustworthy.

Johnny is no fool.

Johnny is just an ordinary bloke with passion for what he does.

He is determined to go an extra mile to achieve what he knows to be his goal.

He doesn’t mind if they think he is a fool.

He don’t even think he is a fool.

All the way, he knows that he is a smart, talented guy.

And with time, he proves to be so.

so, the moral?

Well, no one want to be a fool who apparently, keeps showing up in inappropriate manners. A fool who keeps embarrassing him/herself.

So as a tradition, if they think we are not good enough, the moment they start to raise the bars, we chicken 🍗 out. We walk backwards. We shut up. We give in. And we die.

But here is the question for you.

Are you courageous enough to be a fool, a fool who strides to his destination, to his goal no matter what?

Or, are you just going to sit there and remain the mediocre you.

Are you going to give in when they distrust and disrespect your knowing?

Or, are you going to keep ploughing your way until the mission is accomplished?

Well, I choose to be Johnny, all the way.