if you like giving people some favour, then you’d like this…

So here you are doing everyone a favour.

Which is great.

But at the back of your mind, you kind of thinking,

‘I’ve got to give these guys some favour as one day they’ll give me some.

Which again, is perfect.

But really?

Are they going to even remember your favour?

Well, here is the good news: they won’t.

According to science, people only pay back favours if it’s not a long time since they received one.

Which means, if you wait for too long, planting your seeds of favour here and there, then your harvest won’t be any good.

So should we stop doing favours?


I mean, that’s not what I’m saying.

What I’m saying is, let’s only do favours for their own sake. And let no mouse think that, we do it because this guy or that girl will one day pay it back. Because we already know that they won’t.

And the reason that most people don’t pay back the favours they received a century ago is that, again, according to science, these people convince themselves that after all, they didn’t need your favour, anyway. So why should they even think about paying it back?

And here is the best bit.

We all kind of think that people would like us more because we’ve done or we do them some favour?

Well, that’s not quite right.

According to lots and lots of research, people would like you more if you ask them to do you a genuine favour – cash not one of them, though.

So next time people pretend as thought they can’t remember that favour you gave them 10 summers ago… just walk away and blame yourself for it. Yes, you’ve left it way too long. But wait a minute, I’ve a suggestion to make.

Instead of simply walking away, why don’t you ask them for a favour and…

And talking of favour, would you do me one?

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