nothing feels better than moving forward to the new

What else feels better than moving forward to the new?

What else feels energising than keeping the right momentum going? Than staying on the way to achieving that goal? Staying on the way to bringing that dream to life?

I get excited every time I sit down to celebrate or review my goals.

Every time I sit to update the image of where I’m going, I feel rich. I see the reason why I’m alive.

Setting goals, setting even bigger goals and doing what we can to achieve them is what life is all about.

Moving forward to the new,

  • give us the reason to wake up in the morning
  • the reason to contribute more to civilisation
  • the reason to stay true to our values
  • the reason to embrace self-improvement

Because in the end we enjoy life a bit more.

Whenever people are moving forward to something new, something of their choosing, then happiness abides.

But if there’s nothing to go out for, something to get our minds busy with, then there is sadness, the smile disappears, the hope fades away and the soul shrinks to itself.

Stay happy my friend. Stay imaginative. Stay thoughtful. And enjoy life.

But the rule is, you must keep going.

You must keep moving forward to the new.

The good news is, you choose in what direction to move to.

But if you postpone the choice, regret is waiting.

So keep moving.

Keep the vibes of good life radiate everywhere you go.


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