luck factor: let’s leave all the nonsense out… and be honest, that a bit of luck takes us a long way. but how do we get lucky?

Well, let me talk about myself, first.

You see, when I was young, I used to stay up all night trying to get lucky.

And by dawn on most weekends, I was still wishing that a fluke of, god knows what, would happen. But as I grew older, I got better at it. I memorised better, sharper and almost aggressive hooks. I also tried a to get a swing on my step, too… a hip-hop sort of swagger if you like. And before long, my luck was obvious.

Even though my trousers were hanging half way my bottom, I still managed to aim high. When I tried to reach for the stars I didn’t catch lots, but surely on my way down I had a few on my hand. Some said,  it’s unbelievable! But not me. I believed every bit of it. And to be honest, even today, some of that luck still gives me an edge every now and then.

But one might say, Josh… all that is nice, nice for you dude, but forget about yourself for now, would you? Instead, tell me how can I get luckier than you?

Well, I’m going to tell you how.

And I’m going to do it the scientific way.

About a month ago I was reading this book called The LUCK Factor by Richard Wiseman, a professor in psychology somewhere here in the UK.

[Understand:  a professor is one of them people with PhD or permanent head damage, written next to their names. They study, meaning they do something like ask people some questions and hope to get the answers they were hoping to get. That takes a lot of hope.]

Anyway, in that book I found a lot of facts that we already know about… the facts that mr professor had to spend about eight years to study them. That’s how stubborn you’ve to be to find the almost obvious answers. I guess.


1. Lucky people talk a lot. And that helps them connect with more people, and most of them are as lucky as they are. So they keep the lucky-loop around the lucky people.

2. Also, lucky people make all sorts of efforts to get in touch with people they meet. They’ll never forget you.

3. And if you aren’t that positive then it’s good to know that lucky people try their best to avoid toxic relationships. It doesn’t matter who you are, even if you are their big brother, they will avoid you.

4. Lucky people have a relaxed attitude about life. This is so cool. They don’t worry about what everyone else worries about. Buy why?

5. Because they listen to their gut feelings or rather, intuition. When the unlucky can’t see an opportunity, the lucky people don’t see it either, but they can feel it. And they go with what they feel.

6. To make sure they continue to listen to their intuition, they take steps to improve it by practising some sort of meditation – as often as possible.

7. And when it comes to the so-called the future, they’ve great-lucky-hopes for that one too. They know that their luck isn’t going to run out any time soon. And you know what that gives them?

8. A big, all year round SMILE. Yes, they smile more because the best is yet to come.

9. And that also means that they have more energy. This keeps them away from diseases. In fact, they are healthier in almost every way.

10. Do you think they like to do same old, same stuff, day in, day out? No way! According to the PhD man, luck people like the notion of unpredictability.

11. Which means they are open to new ideas. If you’d tell them that their religion isn’t helping them, they’d listen to you and never shoot you.

12. And if you’d invite them for a hot British curry, even though they are used to Big Macs, guess what, they’d never say no. They are open to new experiences.

13. But if you like to get ride of them from your life, assign them a repetitive routine. Why? Because they like

14. They, the lucky people, and I bet you’d like this… they like to look at the world through the eyes of a child. They are super curious, so very creative, and they like the so-called impossibles. Yes, they take risks as well.

What do you think?

Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

[Call to something: If you are interested in more, I’m afraid you’d have to buy Richard Wiseman’s book, The Luck Factor. And did I mention that Richard used to be a magician? Oh yes, he is full of Abracadabra, too.]

All the best.

And remember to stay lucky.