your mental picture is worth a million words

I don’t think it’s a lie.

And even if it is, then it is a good lie. The lie that I’d be happy to believe in it – if I had no personal experience with it.

Too many people talk about it.

Too many authors emphasise on it.

The great minds counselled along its lines.

And the best amongst us always attach their massive success stories to it.

I’m talking about the ability to see in our minds what is it that we want.

Do you want to call that visualization? Then that’s fine. Call it what you want. The point is, if we can’t see where we are going, if we can’t sense the direction in which we MUST go, then it’s obvious that we aren’t going nowhere.

Peter Jones, one of the multi-millionaires here in Britain, is reported to visualise his new projects to the point that even before he starts to lay the first brick, he knows exactly what’s going to happen, what’s the next step after each step, all the way.

He is quoted in one book saying,

‘I’m a great believer that it’s always easier to achieve something that you have already done, even though I may have only achieved it in my own mind. This gives me great confidence.

That mental picture in our minds gives us confidence.

This is a good point because, most of us we hesitate to take big actions towards our goals because we are not clear in our own minds what these goals are.

If you ask some people what they want out of life, where they are heading next, most of them don’t have an idea. Some would say happiness.

But you and I know for definite that happiness is not a place.

And it’s not even a goal, either.

Happiness is a state of mind.

It’s simply how we are al meant to live our lives.

We can all be as happy as we want, no matter where we are in life.

But what we really want to do with our lives, that thing we talk about all the time, that’s what we MUST paint it in our minds.

That’s what we should clarify in our minds so much that we can have that confidence that comes that no matter what shows up, we are not stopping anywhere.

But someone says, jOsh, there is so many things I want to achieve right now. Do I have to spend so much time to paint all of them in my mind?

Well, let’s assume that life is a sail – there are storms, rain, sun and all sorts of circumstances.

And that as a captain of our boat, or ship, we are all somewhere in the middle of the oceans, floating towards some direction.

Sooner you will notice that, if as a captain you don’t have the next port to sail to, then your ship will soon run out of diesel, or it will sail to a deserted beach… and you’ll be stranded.

If we don’t have the next port to go to, then we have no sail, we have no purpose, we are just drifting along. And as a matter of fact, we are depriving ourselves of our happiness. Because as far as I know, there’s nothing that feels better than moving forward to the next thing, to the new.

We must move away from the idleness and lack of purpose.

We must decide what that next port is going to be.

And we must immediately set off towards that direction .

So it must be clear, very clear, on where we want to go.

And most importantly, why we want to go.

To paint my mental picture of where I’m going, I’ve set three alarms during the way to remind me that it’s time to spend about 10 minutes visualising my goal, my next port.

How do you pain yours?


5 thoughts on “your mental picture is worth a million words

  1. So awesome! We published our posts today within minutes of each other and they have the same underlying message. Mine was about vision boards. Universal Minds Think Alike!!


        1. Me too, she is one of my favourite.

          Was actually going through her book earlier today.

          Her style is so different. And I like it.

          Now it’s your turn for the New York Times best-selling title.

          It’s in your Vision Board, so align it.

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