what your desire is telling you

So… you feel like you want to learn how to be a speaker.

Or that you feel like you want to know how to make better sales calls.

Or maybe there is this other career that you think you’d love to be in.

Anything, any path that feels like something you should pursue, or something you should learn more about, it is essentially telling you this:

You have an undeveloped talent for it.

In other words, that strong desire is telling you that you can do it.

So all you have to do is find a way to obey your desire.

The first, easy and an almost obvious step is to talk about your desire. Tell others what you think you want to do. But remember, don’t over complicate or even over think about it all. Just tell a simple story about your desire.

For example, as far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

But I was told I had to be an accountant. Because to my family, that’s what a good career looks like. But as a rebel who likes his freedom, I rebelled off to my wilderness.

So one day, I think the desire simply grew bigger inside me because I remember out of nowhere, I started talking about becoming a writer. And within six months, I found the right course for me and I was on to it. My desire finally, became a reality.

Some say that desire is actually a manifestation in itself. The fact that you feel like you want to do something, is a clear sign that you can do it.

Remember that line that says,

If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand?

Or the one that says,

Whatever a man can conceive and BELIEVE he can achieve?

Well, this goes along the same lines. Only that this time, if you do not BELIEVE in your desire as yet, then it’s time to.

Your desire, your wish, that which you seem to think more of, if it is in line with the laws of nature, more to all, then hear this:

It’s not in your mind by accident.

It’s there for a reason.

And the reason is, to help you live your best life.

So go on.

Go bring it into your physical reality because after all, it’s already there in your spiritual reality.

All the best.

4 thoughts on “what your desire is telling you

  1. Josh! What an awesome Friday post. I am really glad you became a writer to share all this with us. I have a couple of desires that I have been pushing down within me for years. I am going to let them out! Just yesterday I was reading Esther Hicks – Abraham and it said: “Allow your fast moving vibration and then allow yourself to keep up with it. Encourage fast moving vibrations – Let go – feel it – and think about your desires for the pure pleasure of how it makes you feel. Not about if it’s realistic or truthful, but for the pure pleasure of it. Reach out grab it and say it with ownership.” I like that you’re saying the same thing. Talk about your desires, keep it present, you can do it – because it’s already done. Great post. I will be thinking, talking and allowing myself to take more pleasure in my desires way more now. This message came at such a good time! Thanks!


    1. Amazing stuff, Hiann (hope that’s your name)!

      You know, I’m a big fan of Abraham Hicks. So you quoting what they are saying adds to my joy 😂. I really appreciate for that.

      So go.

      Go enjoy your desire.

      Celebrate 🎉.

      Celebrate because, if it’s in your mind, it’s yours to enjoy.

      Again, thanks for sharing.


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